Cal Poly Pomona

Excel Formulas

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Class location: Building 98, (CLA) C5-15

Pre-requisite: Completion of beginning and intermediate MS Excel courses or equivalent/knowledge and experience.

Instructor: California Computer Schools, Inc.

This course is coordinated through Organizational Development & Training.

Course Description/Curriculum:

  • Conditional formulas (IF statement)
  • Write a formula with nested IF statements
  • Using IF AND and IF OR statements
  • Using formulas to calculate date/time
  • How to use =VLOOKUP
  • Formulas for computing a Straight Note
  • Using =PMT to calculate a loan payment
  • Round numbers using =ROUND
  • Display values: =MIN =MAX and =INT
  • Using the =COUNT function
  • Convert text =LOWER =UPPER =PROPER
  • Using Convert Text to Columns Wizard
  • Join text using =CONCATENATE
  • Creating and using Pivot Tables
  • Creating automatic subtotals
  • Using the Goal Seek feature
  • Using the Function Wizard

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