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International Student Orientation

Thank you for choosing Cal Poly Pomona!  We look  forward to you joining our campus community. 

As part of your transition to Cal Poly Pomona, you will be participating in an orientation program that will prepare you for academic success and a meaningful university experience.

You will be joining other entering undergraduates in either the freshman or transfer orientation program, which are held during the summer months.  The summer orientation programs are on campus and include academic advising and registration.   (If you will not be living in California during the summer, you will need to make alternate arrangements with Orientation Services for this portion of your orientation to campus.)

You also will participate in the Success 101 Program sponsored by the International Center.  This program has been very popular with our entering international students and focuses on an introduction to campus resources, strategies for success and assistance with maintaining your visa status.  You will also be introduced to the many services and opportunities our International Center provides.  This program is offered at the beginning of your first academic term.

For more information about the Orientation programs, go to Freshman Orientation Program if you are entering as a first-time freshman. If you are transferring to Cal Poly Pomona from another college or university, go to Transfer Orientation Program.

To learn more about our International Center, please go to International Center.

For step-by-step instructions regarding admissions and enrollment processes, visit here if you are an International Freshmen, and here if you are an International Transfer Student. 

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Ask Billy