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Club Resources

  1. Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy
  2. ASI Financial Services
  3. Food Handler’s License Information
  4. myBAR
  5. Outdoor and Indoor Scheduling Tips
  6. Paint the CPP
  7. Policy for renting I&IT Equipment
  8. How to handle donations
  9. Registration Conference Manual
  10. Risk Management
  11. Use of University Buildings, Facilities, and Grounds Presidential Order
  12. Vendor Sponsorship Information
  13. Violation Form
  14. Club's Mailing Address

The club resource page contains information necessary for the successful management of campus clubs/organizations. For information on club/organization registration or new club registration, please visit the Club Registration page.

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy: This policy is created to comply with the Drug-Free Workplace and Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226), which requires the University to adopt and implement a program to prevent the unlawful use and/or abuse of drugs or alcohol by faculty, staff and students and to set forth standards to provide a safe, healthy and productive community setting for work and study. The purpose of this policy is to describe University standards of conduct concerning alcohol and drugs, communicate the health risks and other legal and disciplinary consequences of failing to adhere to University standards of conduct, and provide information as to available assistance and resources.
  • ASI Financial Services:The ASI Business Services holds the accounts for all clubs on campus. Accounts can be set-up only after the club is chartered. Accounts are held for up to 2 years without reactivation. Club accounts will closed if the club remains unchartered after 2 academic years. Please visit the ASI Financial Services website for more information and related paperwork.
  • Food Handler's License Information: Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible to issue permits for the sale and distribution of food products. For any club event serving either homemade food or food being handed out by a server, the club will need a Certified Food Handler in order to get EH&S approval for their event. The Certified Food Handler's License information and related approval paperwork can be obtained on the EH&S Food Permits website.
    • Download the Food Permit FAQs which answers common questions and provides reccomendations to help you with the food permit request process; it will also provide access to some helpful information intended to help guide you through a successful food event.
  • myBAR: CPP's online club registration and membership management program. If you have any questions regarding myBAR you may contact the myBAR Lab via e-mail at or call (909)8693943.
    • myBAR Help Site (CollegiateLink Help Site: myBAR is a CollegiateLink product made by Campus Labs)
  • Outdoor and Indoor Scheduling Tips: Tips for scheduling indoor or outdoor spaces. Included below is a map to Environmental Health and Safety for events with food. To schedule an outdoor or indoor space please visit our Event Scheduling page. The following locations are not scheduled by our office; the contact to schedule those locations are provided if applicable, or you can search for names from the Event Planning Contact List:
    • Bronco Student Center: Conference and Events Services, 909-869-2847
    • Heritage Room: Office of the President, 909-869-3327
    • Kellogg Gym: Wendy Nasmyth, ext. 2804
    • Bookstore Atrium (area between the bookstore and classrooms): Debra Poe, ext. 4204
    • University Theater: Jonathan Baston, ext. 3957
    • Music Recital Hall: John Sandhagen, ext. 3550
  • How to handle Donations: Cal Poly Pomona recognizes that seeking external support is important for many of our registered student clubs and organizations, and we support registered student clubs and organizations in seeking this type of support.  In order to best support Cal Poly Pomona registered students clubs and organizations, the following guidelines should be followed:
    •       Any donations, fund-raising dollars, or in-kind gifts generated by registered CPP student clubs and organizations are considered as “program support".  Program support dollars are not considered  charitable contribution according to IRC 501 (c) (3).
    •       Cal Poly Pomona is not authorized by IRS law to provide tax advice or guidance to any organization or individual that provides program support to a registered student club or organization.
    • Every registered CPP student club and organization is required to maintain an active agency account with the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI).  Any financial program support received by a registered CPP club or organization must be deposited into the student club’s/organization’s ASI agency account.  If any in-kind program support is received by a registered CPP student club or organization, it must be documented and reported to ASI Financial Services.
    • When seeking external program support, it is recommended that a registered CPP student club or organization utilize the “Introduction Letter for Program Support for Clubs” (attached) to provide to a potential individual or organization providing program support.
    • After receiving external program support, it is recommended that a registered CPP student club or organization utilize the “Thank You Letter for Program Support for Clubs” (attached) to provide to a potential individual or organization providing program support to acknowledge receipt of program support.
    • Any additional questions regarding the acceptance of program support for registered CPP student clubs and organizations may be initially directed to the Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers.  Thank you for adhering to the above guidelines regarding the program support for registered CPP student clubs and organizations.
  • EIN Use: The university’s EIN 98-4255659 may be used for profit sharing/fundraising activities, but NOT for charitable donations for tax purposes. For charitable donations which require a tax receipt, the check must be made payable to the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation and the student club/organization must have a Cal Poly Pomona Foundation project/account to receive donations ONLY (NOTE: club dues are not permitted to be deposited into the Foundation accounts). Please see above instructions for further information. The California State Polytechnic University, Pomona EIN Number may be used for the following activities only: (a) Profit sharing; or (b) Checks made out to the student club for deposit into their ASI club account (not to be used for donations).
  • Acceptance of Charitable Donations by Student Clubs/Organizations: A charitable donation is a gift to the University where the University has a related use and the donor has the intent to make a donation. This donation is then counted as a gift and the donor receives a tax receipt and a charitable write-off for their tax purposes. Also, there may not be any exchange of goods or services in order for a donation to be considered charitable. Bake sales and car wash events are considered fundraising activities, but the dollars received for these types of activities are not charitable donations.
If you have received a donation for your student club/organization, please follow the directions below for processing:
  •                The day the donation is received, please deliver the donation to the college support staff appropriate for your club (below is a list of colleges and the appropriate contacts).
  •                 If your club is an At-Large Council, please coordinate with Ishia Barajas ( or Krista Spangler ( in Student Affairs.
  •           If your student club/organization does not have a project/account* with Foundation, work with your college’s support staff contact to open the account and route appropriate paperwork.
  •                 The support staff are trained on this process and will know what forms and signatures are required to open a Foundation project/account.
  •                The support staff will call Gift Processing for pick-up of the donations on the day they are received to ensure timely deposit.
  •           Gift Processing will process the donation and mail the tax receipt to the donor.
  •                 Student clubs should follow up with their college support representative to ensure the Foundation project/account is opened.
  •             Once the Foundation project/account is open, please inform Cassie Davis ( in Gift Processing with the new project/account number and name so Gift Processing can coordinate with Foundation and ensure the donation is in the correct project/account.


Director of Development


Support Staff Contact



Dan Montplaisir


Diana Saldana





Deanna Stewart


Alumni Affairs

Melissa Riordan


Laura Kuntz



Paul Bubb


Pam Donnelly



Jeff Cox


Kristin Files



John Huynh






Vanessa Franco



Gina Johnson


Linda Garcia



Carrie Geurts


Norma De la Llata


Environmental Design

Shannon Jenkins




John Huynh


Cheryl Meaux



Anthony Todarello


Debra Blake


Student Affairs

Krista Spangler




Corporate Relations

Lynnette Lozoya


*Note: Foundation calls them projects, gift processing and advancement services calls them accounts.

  • Registration Conference Manual (coming soon)
  • Vendor Sponsorship Information: The Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers allows clubs/organizations to sponsor vendors as a fundraising opportunity. This involves checking in with the vendor three (3) times a day for as long as they are on-campus for the week, helping to set-up and take down if the vendor requests. Fill out the Vendor Sponsorship information form and return it to the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.
  • Violation Form: students can file a complaint against clubs/organizations, vendors, or other organizations by completing the violation form in the Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers.
  • Club Mailing Address:  All registered clubs and organizations have a mailbox in the Office of Studnet Life and Cultural Centers (building #26-126).  Make sure that you check your mailbox at least once a week.  Mailboxes get cleaned out at teh end of each quarter.  If you would like to have mail and packages sent to your club, sue the following address:
                     [Your Club Name]
Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers
3801 W. Temple Ave
Pomona, CA 91768