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Programs and Events

Kin Groups

Project SUCCESS students are organized into Kin Groups (4 - 7 students). Each kin group is guided by a Kin Group Leader (1 Faculty/Staff) and a Project SUCCESS Intern (upperclassmen mentor).

Project SUCCESS Interns

Project SUCCESS Interns (PSIs) serve as upperclassmen mentors to current Project SUCCESS students. As alumni of the Project SUCCESS program, the PSIs have completed one-full year participation in Project SUCCESS and work 2-3 hours a week to support the new cohort. PSIs work closely with faculty, staff, and students across Cal Poly Pomona to support first-year students’ academic transition and sense of belonging. Based on the understanding that peer mentorship is a highly effective in regards to retention, the PSIs play a critical role in the overall success of our program.

Course Credit

Project SUCCESS students register for a 2-unit independent study course in the Ethnic & Women Studies (EWS) department. The Kin Group and Kin Group Leader decide when, where, and how long each group will meet for the class. Please be aware that these Kin group meetings are scheduled around students' class and work schedule. In terms of the course assignments, some examples are to write reflection journals, watch success videos, meet with mentors, and one final group project per term. 

Community Gatherings 

Once a month, all kin groups come together for Community Gatherings, which are one-hour long workshops with culturally relevant content that help to set up the students for success. We host three Community Gatherings each quarter during University Hour (U-Hour). U-Hour is on Thursdays from 12:00pm - 1:00pm when there are no scheduled academic courses. Examples of Community Gatherings include: Academic Excellence, Cultural Competency, Resume Building and Career Exploration, StrengthsQuest, True Colors, and Financial Aid/Financial Literacy.

Social Gatherings

In addition to helping students be academically successful, Project SUCCESS is all about creating a sense of belonging and community among men of color students, staff and faculty in and outside of the classroom. We do this by creating large quarterly events that encourage interaction and activities that promote teamwork, brotherhood, and scholarship.

Preview Day

Project SUCCESS hosts a Preview Day Conference for African American and Latino male graduating seniors who have accepted admission to Cal Poly Pomona. The Preview Day Conference offers students and up to 2 guest access to workshops, a free lunch, student panel, club/resource fair, and campus tour. The workshop topics included Financial Aid & Literacy, Living on-campus, Student Life, and How to Successfully Transition to University Life, while the panel discussion involed familial support, navigating college as a man of color, and cultural capital (Yosso, 2005). This event is free of charge for the participants and we provide one campus-parking permit for the day of the conference. Based on our assessment, 88.9% of students who attended Preview Day shared that they felt more confident and excited about their decision to attend Cal Poly Pomona.