2013-2015 Pace Setters Board

The following members currently serve on the Pace Setters Board.

  • Kathy Harcharik, President and ERFA Representative

  • Art Parker, Vice President

  • Phil Rosenkrantz, Secretary

  • Betty Tracy, Treasurer

  • Pat Hopkins, Immediate Past President

  • Diana Bartholomew, Membership Coordinator

  • Bob Stumpf (deceased), Newsletter Editor

  • Linda Dell'Osso, Director

  • Ernie Simpson, Pace Setters ERFA Representative and ERFA State Council Member at Large

For more information, contact Pace Setters President Kathy Harcharik.

2013-14 board

2013-2015 Board Members: (Front) Betty Tracy, Kathy Harcharik, Art Parker, Phil Rosenkrantz; (Back) Ernie Simpson, Pat Hopkins, Linda Del'Osso, Bob Stumpf (deceased). Diana Bartholomew not pictured.

Luncheon Meeting Minutes

October 23, 2014

April 24, 2014

April 18, 2013