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Cal Poly Pomona

Career Center Provides Alumni Support

Larry Gordon

It’s no secret that the recession has made it more difficult to find jobs. But it’s not an impossible job market, says Tom Munnerlyn, director of the Career Center. He shares how the Career Center can be a resource for alumni as they look for a job, consider
a career change or seek networking opportunities.

How does the Career Center help alumni in their job searches?
We offer a wide range of services for alumni. The most popular is BroncoConnection, which has hundreds of job listings. Many of these postings are not advertised to the general public because some employers specifically recruit our students. We also offer drop-in advising, career counseling, and workshops on topics such as resume writing
and interviewing techniques.

Does the Career Center help alumni network?
Our career day events can be used as networking opportunities. A lot of the recruiters are Cal Poly Pomona alumni, and they’re great for networking and getting career information. We also host panel discussions, where we invite employers to talk about different topics, such as relocating and interviewing. It’s important to note that even
if you have a job, you should be networking now. It’s as easy as keeping in touch with a professor or attending an event. If you do get laid off, you’ll have a built-in support network to help.

How can the center help alumni who are considering career changes?
We’ve seen a lot of alumni who have been caught in this economic downturn. Many people realize they need to assess their careers, and some have changed their career interests. We encourage alumni to work with our career counselors. For alumni who are considering graduate school or improving their professional skills, we can help them find a program, apply for funding or counsel them on whether it’s a good career decision.

Are employers hiring?
Yes! Companies are hiring, but you need to be on your game. You need to be market ready and be able to describe your skills and career goals. Recently, we’ve seen a little uptick in the number of employers coming to our events, so that’s encouraging. Also, the federal government is the No. 1 employer, and federal agencies offer a variety of jobs. Many of their starting positions will help recent graduates build their skills and experiences. These positions have opportunities to later move up within an agency, move to a different agency or even relocate.

Alumni can use the services of the Career Center free of charge one full year after graduation. After that, alumni can continue to access the center’s services for a nominal fee. Contact the Career Center at (909) 869-2342 or
for more information.