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The Arensburger lab at Cal Poly focuses on bioinformatic questions such as the abudance and characteristics of transposable elements in invertebrates and the regulation of transposable elements by small RNAs.

Current Students

  • Fall 2017, Ramiro Echeverria joined the lab in the summer, is starting his first year. His project is still pending.
  • Summer 2017, Mark Ellie Alonzo attended a RISE internship at the NIH in Maryland.
  • Summer 2016, Mark Ellie Alonzo, who joined the lab in the Fall of 2015, is now a master student in the RISE program. He works on the expression levels of silk genes in spiders genomes
  • Students, both graduate and undergraduate are in demand, particularly if they are interested in molecular biology questions and possess a working knowledge of scripting languages such Perl or R

Research Example


Graphical representation of repeat sequences in a chicken genome. Dots indicate repeated sequences, lines indicate sequence similarities. This is an example of visual representation of abstract genome sequence data.

Lab location: Building 4 Room: 3-513

Contact information: parensburger@cpp.edu, (909) 869-3258

Peter Arensburger
Department of Biological Sciences
Cal Poly Pomona
3801 West Temple Avenue
Pomona, California 91768