Welcome to the Arensburger Lab Web Site

The Arensburger lab at Cal Poly focuses on bioinformatic questions such as the abudance and characteristics of transposable elements in invertebrates and the regulation of transposable elements by small RNAs.

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Current Students and Lab Research Oportunities

  • German Lagunas-Roblez joined the lab in Fall of 2014. He works elucidating the transposable elements of Tasmanian devils
  • Marlene Manriquez joined the lab in Fall of 2014. Her work concerns the transposable element of the medfly
  • Students, both graduate and undergraduate are in demand, particularly if they are interested in molecular biology questions and possess a working knowledge of scripting languages such Perl or R

Lab News

  • Winter 2015, one new publication for the lab in 2015
  • Fall 2014, presentation at provost symposium on spider, slides here
  • Fall 2014, department seminar on transposable elements, slides here
  • Three new publications for the lab in 2014 and more in the works

Research Example


Graphical representation of repeat sequences in a chicken genome. Dots indicate repeated sequences, lines indicate sequence similarities. This is an example of visual representation of abstract genome sequence data.

Lab location: Building 4 Room: 3-513 Phone: (909) 869-3258