Cal Poly Pomona

About Payroll Services

A picture of the C.L.A. Building.  Payroll Services is located on the ground floor.

The State Controller's Office administers a uniform state payroll system for state agencies and the California State University campuses, including Cal Poly Pomona. The employment and payroll files for Cal Poly Pomona employees are maintained within the State Controller's Office (SCO).

Based upon appointment and/or employment transaction data received from Faculty Affairs, Human Resources, and personal data from individual employees, Payroll Services reports various changes as the basis for updating the employment and payroll files. Payroll Services processed approximately 53,024 pay transactions in FY 2005/2006, along with 17,483 leave accounting transactions, and 1,410 personal data updates (address changes, tax exemption changes, name changes, etc.).

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Based on the information submitted by Payroll Services, SCO issues employee salaries or wages and performs all of the state's payroll accounting and disbursement operations. Upon receipt of the payroll warrants issued by SCO, Payroll Services verifies that each warrant is drawn correctly and authorizes their release.

Some of the services Payroll provides to you include:

  • Processing all Federally mandated employment documents (I-9s, W-4s, etc.)
  • Maintaining individual employment and payroll records (SCO and PeopleSoft)
  • Working with Department Attendance Coordinators with questions on payroll policies and procedures
  • Processing Direct Deposit enrollment, changes, or cancellations
  • Processing "stop payments" of lost or stolen paychecks
  • Processing educational degree updates
  • Processing professional license updates
  • Responding to all payroll-related questions

Who to Contact

Each payroll technician is responsible for all employees in specific departments on campus. To determine who to contact for questions, please refer to My Payroll Technician. You may also contact us during regular business hours by calling our general payroll number at 909-869-2233.