Peter Siegel

Professor Emeritus

Physics Department
California State Polytechnic University
Pomona, CA 91768, USA
Fax (909) 869-5090
Full Time in Winter Quarters (FERP)

Office location

My office will be in the College of Science building 8, for Winter 2016
Visitors from off campus can consult the campus map.

Some Possible Winter 2016 Classes :

Phy432L: Radiation Laboratory in Room 4-3-567
Phy499: Programming in ROOT

Classroom Materials from Winter 2015

Phy432L: Laboratory Manual from Winter 2015

Other Classroom Materials and Activities:
Supplementary Physics Lecture Notes for first and second year physics, Phy131, Phy132, Phy133, Phy234: Supplementary Notes
Online Integer Problems: Phy131 (Mechanics), Phy132 (Fluids, Gravity, Oscillations, Waves, Thermodynamics), Phy133 (Electricity and Magnetism)
Phy404 (High Energy Physics from Spring 2011): Syllabus, Notes on Quantum Formalism, lecture notes and videos.
Phy404 (High Energy Physics from Spring 2012): Syllabus, lecture notes and videos, Homework Problems.
Phy404 (Computational Nuclear-Particle Physics from Spring 2013): Syllabus, lecture notes and videos, Assignments.
Click here to go to the Cal Poly Virtual Radiation Laboratory
Phy432: Click here for the Radiation Physics Laboratory Manual: Laboratory Manual.
Bio431: Radiation Biology lecture notes and lab experiments,
Phy409 (Computational Physics): Lecture Notes, Simple Commands, Example Programs,
CD for controlled breathing: breathing cd 12 bpm
Phy131L: Laboratory Experiments
Phy235L Modern Physics laboratory manual: Phy235L Lab Manual

Cal Poly links: e-mail server, class schedule, Library Database, room search, bronco direct.

For experiments that meet the 4th grade California Content Standards, click on Electricity and Magnetism Experiments
Science 210 Laboratory Experiments: Sci210 Experiments Classroom Activities for K-6 grades!!(1 - 27), Classroom Activities for K-6 grades!!(28-60). Winter04 Classroom Activities 1, Winter04 Classroom Activities 2. Spring04 Classroom Reports 1, Spring04 Classroom Reports 2.

Some Linux Commands .
Bio200 materials: Data for Download .

Preprint on Heart Rate Variability:
Click here for a preprint (pdf format) of Nonstationary time series analysis of heart rate variability

Classroom Projects

Personal Info

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Particle Data Group
Nuclear Energy Level Diagrams (TUNL)
Los Alamos Isotope Data Bank
Table of isotopes (Brookhaven Nat Lab)
LBL Nuclear Data
Table of Gamma Energies (Korea)
NIST Atomic Data
Mass Attenuation Coefficients Table for elements
Mass Attenuation Coefficients Table for other materials
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