Bronco Pep Band
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Our Mission

The reason for this band’s creation is to help boost the school spirit among Cal Poly Pomona Students.
We do our best to play at every home basketball game, some of the away games, and some of the other sports and activities around campus. We are always here to show our Bronco Pride in the best way we know how. by playing music and cheering as loud as we can.


Director - Ramiro Castaneda (2013- ) Ramiro Castaneda is a 4th year music education major at Cal Poly, Pomona. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 10, continuing on through middle school; high school; and now; college. During his time at Cal Poly Pomona has performed with various groups including the Cal Poly Pomona Concert Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. He aspires to become a music educator while focusing on studio arranging and conducting. Currently, he is a continuing intern for a DCI Open Class group, the Watchmen, where he is also the drum major. Also, Ramiro is a volunteer music technician at Patriot High School where he observes their music program. Ramiro has high hopes for the Pep Band as he steps up to become the director. He plans to continue supporting the campus community at both games and events.

Band Officers

President - Nicole Gage

Vice President - Aaron McCain

Treasurer - Ethan Sichler

Senator - Joseph Occhipinti

Librarians - Gerardo Quintana & Savannah Tabor

Secretary - Nolan Forstie

Property Manager - Javier Anguiano

Web Master - John Hanson

Historian - Kristie Anne Arenas

Ivan Alber
(Athletic Department)

Extension: (909) 869-2812


Rickey Badua
(Music Department)

Extension: (909) 869-3556


Our Goal
Our goal is to lend out support to our fellow Cal Poly Students and to keep spirits high in victory and defeat. We try to maintain our musicianship but at the same time our prime directive is to keep learning new music, pushing ourselves every bit of the way, and to just have fun.
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