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Where did this mighty organization come from?
The following account of the band’s history is based upon myths and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. We have never been able to find documentation that tells us what truly happened, but we have
been able to piece together what most likely occurred. If anyone actually does have a first hand account of what occurred,
feel free to e-mail us so we can make the proper corrections.

The history of the band can be traced back to when Cal Poly Pomona had a football team, and likely many college football teams, there was a marching band to go along with it. However, in the early 1980s, for whatever reason, the football team was disbanded leaving the marching band nowhere to go. From there the marching band became a “Sports Band” and gave its support to the basketball teams. As the years went on the band started to fade away and gradually fell through the cracks on Pomona history never to be seen again…or so they thought.

 The teams continued on playing at a high level of excellence without a band to support them. The new millennium saw the women’s basketball team win back to back Division II national championships and the men’s basketball team became a dominant force in the Division II post-seasons. Attendance at the games remained low and action was need to helped increase fan support. The ideas were presented to create a pep band and put together a cheer squad.

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