Current Songs:

Note: We are in the process of deciding which songs we want to play for this upcoming year. Until a final decision is made, most songs will be in reserve. Once finalized, only a few songs will be left in reserve.

(last updated on 08/14/18)

All Right Now - In Books
By Andy Fraser & Paul Rodgers (1970)
Alma Mater, Cal Poly Pomona - In Books
By Keith Weeks & Ron Evans (1968), arr. Eli Zupke
(no recording)
Angel is the Centerfold - In Reserve
By Seth Justman (1981), arr. Daniel Sandt
Apache - Coming Soon
By Jerry Lordan (1960), arr. Tim Waters
(no recording)
Believer - Coming Soon
By Imagine Dragons (2017), arr. Eli Zupke
Better Now - In Reserve
By Ed Roland & Dexter Green, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Cal Poly Pomona Fight Song - In Books
By John Phillip Sousa, arr. Daniel Sandt & Steven Corral
Carry on Wayward Son - In Reserve
By Kerry Livgren (1976), arr. Michael Sweeny
Charges - In Reserve
Come Out and Play - In Books
By Dexter Holland (1994), arr. Tony Fox
Daft Punk Medly - In Reserve
By Daft Punk, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Dance to the Music - In Reserve
By Sly Stone (1968), arr. Tony Fox
Doctor Who - In Books
By Gary Glitter & Mike Leander (1972)
Evil Ways - In Reserve
By Clarence Henry (1969), arr. Jay Dawson
Eye of the Tiger - In Reserve
By Frankie Sullivan & Jim Peterik (1982), arr. Charlie Harris
Final Countdown,The - In Reserve
By Joey Tempes (1986), arr. John Higgins
Flagpole Sitta - In Reserve
By Sean Nelson, Jeff J. Lin, Aaron Huffman, Evan Sult (1998), arr. Daniel Sandt
Forget You - In Reserve
By CeeLo Green (2010), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
(no recording)
Frankenstein - Coming Soon
By Edgar Winter Group (1972), arr. Tony Fox
Get Down Tonight - Coming Soon
By Harry Watne Casey & Richard Finch (1975), arr. Vince Womack
Get it On - Coming Soon
By Bill Chase & Terry Richards (1969), arr. Brian Scott
Gimme Some Lovin' - In Reserve
By Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis & Muff Winwood (1966), arr. K. Dye
Hammerhead - Coming Soon
By Bryan Keith Holland, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
(no recording)
Hand That Feeds, The - Coming Soon
By Trent Reznor, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Heartbreaker - Coming Soon
By Pat Benatar (1979), arr. Tony Fox
Hey Pachuco! - In Books
By Edwin Nichols, James Achor & David Dorame (1991), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Hey! Baby! - In Books
By Margaret Cobb & Bruce Channel (1961), arr. Tom Wallace
Hold On, I'm Comin' - In Reserve
By Isaac Hayes & David Porter (1966), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Holiday - In Reserve
By Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt & Tré Cool (2005), arr. Jay Dawson
I'm Shipping up to Boston - In Books
By Alexander Barr, Ken Casey, Woody Guthrie, & Matthew Kelly (2005), arr. Paul Murtha & Will Rapp
Impression That I Get, The - In Books
By Dicky Barrett, Joe Gittleman (1997), arr. Michael Sweeny
In the Stone - In Reserve
By Earth Wind & Fire (1965), arr. Tony Fox & P. Brosché
Iron Man - In Reserve
By Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler & Bill Ward (1971), arr. Daniel Sandt
Kids Aren't Alright, The - Memorized
By Dexter Holland (1999), arr. Tony Fox
Land of a Thousand Dances - In Reserve
By Chris Kenner & Antonie Domino, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Locked Out of Heaven - In Reserve
By Bruno Mars, Ari Levine & Philip Lawrence (2012)
Monster - In Books
By Gavin Brown & John Cooper (2009), arr. Joe Murphy & Jim Reed
(no recording)
My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) - In Reserve
By Andrew Hurley et. al. (2013), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
(no recording)
Paradise City - In Reserve
By Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan & Steven Adler (1988), arr. Daniel Sandt
Pretender, The - In Reserve
By Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel & Chris Shiflett (2007), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Rage! - In Books
By Rage Against the Machine, arr. Jeremy Freer
(no recording)
Raise Your Glass - In Reserve
By Alecia Moore, Max Martin & Johan Schuster, arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
(no recording)
Rock Lobster - In Reserve
By Fred Schneider & Ricky Wilson (1978), arr. Michael Brown
Runaway Baby - In Books
By Bruno Mars, Ari Levine, Philip Lawrence & Christopher Steven Brown (2010), arr. Tom Wallace & Tony McCutchen
Sell Out - In Reserve
By Aaron Barrett & Scott Klopfenstein (1996), arr. Jay Bocook
Seven Nation Army - In Books
By John Anthony White, arr. Jay Dawson & Brian Mason
(no recording)
Shout - In Reserve
By O'Kelly Isley, Jr, Rudolph Isley & Ronald Isley (1959)
Shout it Out - In Books
By Dallas Austin, Jasper Cameron, Weldon Dean Parks, Hal Davis & Donald E. Fletcher (2002), arr. Doug Adams
Stacy's Mom - In Reserve
By Chris Collingwood & Adam Schlesinger (2003), arr. Les Hicken & Jay Bocook
Star Spangled Banner - In Books
By Francis KeyScott & John Stafford Smith (1814), arr. John Philip Sousa
Take On Me - In Books
By Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket & Pål Waaktaar (1984), arr. Tim Waters
Uptown Funk - Coming Soon
By Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Jeff Bhasker, Devon Gallaspy & Nicholaus Williams, arr. Jay Bocook
(no recording)
William Tell Overture (Finale) - In Books
By Gioachino Rossini (1829), arr. R. Longfield
Word Up - In Books
By Larry Blackmon & Tomi Jenkins (1986), arr. Steven J. Corral
You're Gonna Go Far Kid - In Reserve
By Dexter Holland (2008), arr. James Rodriguez