The Band

Our Mission

The reason for this band's creation is to help boost the school spirit among Cal Poly Pomona Students. We do our best to play at every home basketball game, some of the away games, and some of the other sports and activities around campus. We maintain good musicianship, but our prime directive is to keep learning new music, to push ourselves every bit possible, and to just have fun.


Director - Viral Shukla

Viral Shukla, born and raised in Pleasanton California, is in his third year towards his degree in Food Science and Technology, with a minor in Music and Culinology. He began studying music on the piano at the age of six and has been playing brass since age ten; he now primarily plays low brass and percussion. Viral earned the Outstanding Service Award from Amador Valley High School for his dedication and service as Band Council President and Honorary Band Director. He has performed in the Concert, Jazz, Marching Bands and Winter Drumlines. In 2014 and 2015 he marched in the Blue Devils “B” Drum Corps. He currently volunteers as a musical and visual instructor at Amador Valley High School. At Cal Poly Pomona, he volunteers as the Head Band Librarian and previously held positions on the Music Board and Nu Sigma chapter of KKPsi.

If you would like to read about our previous directors, please see our list of previous directors.

2018-2019 Officers


Savannah Tabor

Vice President

Rebekah Aguilar


Melody Neu


Omar Del Rio

Membership Chair

Adrienne De Leon


Rebecca DeVoe


Eli Zupke

Property Manager

Andrew Welch


Christian Munoz

2018-2019 Section Leaders

High Woodwinds

Omar Arellano

Low Brass

Eli Zupke


Daniel Yap


Jetinny Ngo


Stephanie Duke
(Athletic Department)
Extension: (909) 869-2812
Rickey Badua
(Music Department)
Extension: (909) 869-3556