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Concurrently with the launch of the new website, we intend to make a much more concerted effort to reestablish and maintain contact with alums of the Cal Poly Pomona Physics Department.

Please use the link below to send news about and contact information for you and any other alums you may know something about. Be sure to indicate your class. Thanks!

Here's my news!

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2004 Emily Thompson   web Hi all at Cal Poly! How is everyone? I wanted to give an update...I'm sitting in my apartment right now in France, on the border with Switzerland... I just moved here a month ago, and am working at CERN for the next year or so. We're excited for the startup of the LHC (hopefully) this summer! I'm still doing research on the ATLAS project, mostly muon reconstruction, data quality and helping out here and there when they need a hand bundling cables down in the "pit". Soon we'll start the commissioning the detector, and myself and theother people in the Boston area are mostly responsible for the MuonSpectrometer endcaps.

I've also been adding some pictures of my experience here (and trying to keep the captions updated).

If anyone wants any CERN or ATLAS paraphernalia, just let me know! =) Hope all is well back in California, -Emily

- February 2008
2003 Jeannie Anderson M.S.
  I am currently teaching physics labs at Cal Poly and I also work at Loma Linda Medical Center as a calibration physicist for the radiation medicine department. I plan to become a medical physicist and help treat cancer patients.
1998 Steven M. Guertin M.S., Physics -UCLA 2001   Since graduation I've been working in JPL's radiation effects group, primarily studying the response of digital electronics to ionizing particles. I am presently on limited schedule there in order to finish my Ph.D. at UCLA on neutral pion production in deuteron+gold collisions at STAR.
1998 Vincent Kong   web Currently working at the Aerospace Corporation ( Congrats to Dr. Lam on his new publication. I am always looking for opportunity for my company to come over for job fairs and stuff, but the recent economic downturn has limited recruiting efforts. Looking for contact info on my old buddy, Steve Guertin.

- February 2010
1997 Julie Bray-Ali
  Teaching astronomy at Mt. SAC since 2000.
1997 Shane Rubin     I've been involved in the wireless industry for 9 years specializing in distributed antenna systems for all the major US wireless operators. Sorry to report that I haven't been involved in the research of super massive black holes, M-Theory, or dark energy - just good old proven RF. If any of you have a way of seeing RF through battery powered goggles I could sure use a pair. Battery power is key. Extension cords can become quite cumbersome in real life applications.

- June 2005
1996 Kevin Boerwinkle ("MOOSE") M.S. -CSUF 1998   I worked full time in hobby games field for 2 years in Ontario, CA, and continued to freelance in that capacity for 3 years after that on a part time basis. Since the summer of 2000, I've been doing software engineering work in Santa Monica, CA; Culver City, CA; Houston, TX; and Augusta, GA. Currently residing in Augusta, GA

- March 2008
1996 Jim Hill     Responsible Engineering Authority (REA) - Physics, Hughes Electron Dynamic Division, Torrance, CA. Been here since graduation June '96
1995 Bill DeGraffenreid Ph.D. '00
-Univ. of Maryland
web After earning my PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Maryland, I worked for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for two years in the Atomic Spectroscopy Group. I joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Sacramento State in 2002. My research interests are in spectroscopy, light-matter interactions, and instrumentation.

- October 2005
Kevin Kridel      
Jeff Means      
Gloria Putnam     Physics Teacher, Diamond Bar High School, 21400 Pathfinder Road, Diamond Bar, CA 91765    Telephone: 594 1405

- July 1996
Jesse Sanchez     Just completed my 1st decade with Intel in sunny Chandler, Arizona (…’but it’s a dry heat!’). I’m working as a Platform Architect designing imaging systems with our latest Core and Atom brand processors.

- September 2010
Geoffrey Simms MS, Phys. '97
-Univ. of Illinois
  Moved to Phoenix, Arizona in July 2006, after deciding to leave California for good. Married to Luma (Fattohy-Beran) Simms, BS Physics 1997, with four children. I am currently working for Kutta Technologies, a small company in North Phoenix. I work with a small group of engineers where we design, build, test, demonstrate, troubleshoot, and (to a certain extent) sell two-way voice radios for use in underground environments such as coal mines and subway tunnels. Luma does the more important work of making little people into big people at our home.

- June 2010
Jason Tedford   web I’ve been working in the semi-conductor industry for quite awhile now. I’ve been primarily involved in RF/Mixed Signal CMOS design verification. I was recently tapped to teach a Test theory class for new hires recently, scary. I can be reached at

- April 2004
1994 Jason Foat     Mine has not been the direct path: After spending some time chasing plasma physics associated with the aurora borealis in northern Sweden and trying to understand oceanic turbulence off the coasts of California and Hawaii, I settled on an exciting career as a night club DJ, music writer, and surf bum. In that I have had varying amounts of "success": I have gotten the party people dancing in San Diego, LA, NYC, and DC, had the first successfull hip-hop column in the history of San Diego, am owed favors by more than one gangster rapper, was once offered a gun while I was DJ-ing, co-founded a semi-successful music magazine called RE:UP, chased waves on four or so continents, been deathly ill in several countries, been mugged in several more, and, but before the grace of bribes go I, nearly served "ocho anos" in Ecuador. These days I am trying to act like an adult and so have landed a job in San Francisco doing physics based animation, though I still surf and DJ as much as time allows.

If it seems too long on paper, imagine having lived it. :)

Now for the good stuff: I am working for a company here, called, in San Francisco that does physics based animation in video games and movies. It's fun stuff, though quite challenging for an old man like me who hasn't really thought about physics and programming for a while. :) The good news is that they are likely to be hiring in the coming months and so I thought I'd drop you guys a line to see if you had any potential candidates? Necessary interests would be: classical mechanics and object oriented programming skills (especially C++).

In other news I am happy to report that I am still in contact with Pierre Manukian and Rich Aguayo. Both are doing great. Rich is the best highschool science teacher that LA Unified has ever seen and has beautiful family in LA. Dr. Pierre, the baby deliverer, is finishing up his medical residency in a few months and is trying to find a way to live part time in Buenos Aires.

- November 2008
1994 Ruwan Jayasinghe   web After graduating in '94 I joined the District Intern Program of LAUSD and have been teaching Chemistry and Physics at Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles. Also since then we've (Tracy and I) had Sarah who is almost 1.3 +/- 0.1yrs    Science Department, Roosevelt High School, 456 S. Mathews Street, Los Angeles CA 90033.    Telephone: (213) 268-7241 FAX: (213) 269-5473

- September 1996
1993 Ty Buxman   web Director, Office of Undergraduate Affairs, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0484

- July 1996
Kendall Reeves     Physics Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin,    Postal Address: 2408 Manor Rd., Apt. 209 Austin, TX 78722    Thesis topic: HERA-B, CP Violation involving B Quarks. Research at DESY, Hamburg, Germany.

- July 1996
Vinh Huynh   web Currently working as a Sr. Systems Administrator @ Psomas

- Sptember 2010
1992 Byron Curry     I am a technician ECE Department of Cal Poly half time. I am also pursuing graduate studies at the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering- Electrophysics Department. I hope to take the screening exam in March or April 97.    ECE Department, Cal Poly Unviersity, Pomona, 3801 West Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768. Telephone: (909) 869-2515

- September 1996
1991 Mark Helmlinger   web Moved to TRW/NGST/NGAS in 2005 after more than a decade and a half at JPL.

- May 2010
1990 Pauline Chen     Software Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc., 2569 McCabe Way, Irvine, CA 92614.

- July 1996
Debbie Clark   web Now teaching Physics, which I love and running various online ventures. Los Angeles, CA

- January 2003
David A. Rapchun   web Still alive...Check my page out...

- June 2003
Roderick P. Tiangco     Currently Senior Staff Scientist working for the US Department of Energy, Special Technologies Laboratory. Santa Barbara, CA

- March 2002
Alice Tong M.S. '92
  MS Physics - 1992 Cal State, Los Angeles,    Associate Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board, P.O.Box 8001, El Monte, CA 91734-2301.

- July 1996
1989 Christine Freytag      
Christopher Freytag   web I have been working in the RF field since 1990 with my first years involved in analyzing radar data. Since 2000 I have been a systems engineer working on a project to upgrade/install new radar systems at VAFB, PMRF, Kaena Point, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Florida and two ship based systems. These enhancements allow the C-band radars to coherently detect and track objects orbiting 40,000 km above.

- September 2006
Alan Graham      
Richard Lay     Upper Atmosphere Microwave Development Group, Microwave, Lidar and Interferometer, Technology Section-386, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, mail stop 183-701, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099    Telephone: (818) 354-3541 FAX: (818) 393-5065

- August 1996
Jack Tang     I am currently a Product Manager for the Norton AntiVirus product line at the Symantec Corporation's Peter Norton Product Group, located in Santa Monica, CA. My daytime phone number is: (310) 449-5495    My address is: P. O. Box 842 Walnut, CA 91788

- March 1997
1988 Ron Armale     Chair of the Physical Sciences Dept. since 1998. Tenure granted in 1999. My current passion is swing dancing and salsa dancing. Does anyone need a partner? Phone: (714) 826 - 9763, Department of Physical Sciences, Cypress College, 9200 Valley View Street, Cypress, CA 90630-5897

- December 1999
Leo Cheng M.S.
web Currently a Science Planning Engineer for NASA's Cassini Program at JPL.

- August 2002
James R. Holden     System Engineer, Instrument Systems Engineering Group, Systems Engineering Section,    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mail Stop 301-485, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099.

- August 1996
1979 Linda Marie John MS, Phys. '90
-UC Riverside
LinkedIn My name is Linda Marie John, class of 1979 with a BS in Physics - as Linda Marie Pope, also took Computer Science classes under the name Linda Marie Gacsaly from 1985-1989 including Plasma Physics in Fall 1988. I am currently co-teaching Conceptual Physics (Hewitt) to a class of 8 home-schooled high-school students.

- November 2011
1975 Peter M. Kobele      
1974 Keith E. Wilson      
1972 Erik R. Ivins M.S. -UCLA
Ph.D. -USC
  Academic Recognition: Masters of Science at UCLA Planetary Physics and Geophysics, Ph.D. at USC in Earth Sciences,    Reasearch Scientist, JPL, Principal Investigator of the Earth and Space Sciences Division, Theoretical Geophysics Group: Earthquake mechanics, Solid state creep mechanics of the Earth's mantle.    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mail Stop 183-501, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, CA 91109-8099.

- September 1996
? Phillip Bekey     Science Teacher, Claremont High School ("A National Blue Ribbon School") 1601 Indian Hill Blvd., Claremont CA 91711

- June 2004
? Kevin "MOOSE" Boerwinkle     Team Leader, Application Integration Engineering Simulis, LLC. Houston, TX

- April 2003
? Miriam Mirgoli     Clinical System's integration specialist, working in the Biotech industry around the country and Europe. It's great to see everyone's name on this list!!!! San Francisco, CA

- April 2003
? Jack Tang     Currently a product manager at Microsoft, working on enterprise applications integration product. Sammamish, WA

- August 2002
? Theodore R. Eastman B.S.
  After studying at Cal Poly, Ted Graduated from New York Institute of Technology with a B.S.G.S.    Ted worked 8 years as a software engineer in the Navigation Section of JPL. He currently works in the Reengineering Section. He has written three separate expert systems for Navigation and invented a patented Electron Circulating Spin Memory. He is currently working on Condensational Ion Propulsion.   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109-8099.

- July 1996



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