Cal Poly Pomona

Dr. Alex Rudolph

Professor of Physics

office: Building 8, Room 220
email: alrudolph (at)
home page:
phone: 909-869-4180
fax: 909-869-5090

current schedule

Research interests:

Studies of star and planetary system formation: radio observations of bipolar outflows and planetary disks; radio and infrared studies of HII regions and associated molecular gas in the outer Galaxy; near-infrared searches for brown dwarfs

Galactic structure and evolution: far-infrared and optical determinations of abundances in the Milky Way

Astronomy and Physics education: studies of the effect of interactive learning strategies on student learning in introductory astronomy courses; the role of demographics in student learning and the efficacy of different learning strategies; the use of classroom response systems (clickers) in physics and astronomy education

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