Cal Poly Pomona

Physics Seminar

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hawking and Unruh Radiation Made 'Easy'

Douglas Singleton

Physics Department, Fresno State University

Despite the name, black holes are not black when one considers quantum mechanics. One can take the event horizon as a barrier through which particles can tunnel out from behind the horizon even if they are classically forbidden to do so.   These tunneling particles then appear as thermal radiation to an observer outside the event horizon. It is possible flesh out this physical picture with mathematical details and arrive at a simpler and more general derivation of this Hawking radiation from black holes as well as the closely related Unruh radiation seen by an accelerating observer.

Refreshments at 4:00 PM. Seminar begins at 4:10 PM.
Building 8, Room 241
For further information, please call (909) 869-4014

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