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Physics Seminar

Thursday, April 7, 2011

From the Bottom Up: Nanoscale Science and Technology at Thirty

Adam Steig


Following Feynman’s groundbreaking vision of directly manipulating matter at the atomic scale, Taniguchi’s s introduction of the term ‘nanotechnology’ into the scientific lexicon, and the paradigm shifting demonstration of controlled interactions with individual atoms by Binnig and Rohrer, developments in nanoscale science have dramatically altered the landscape of modern scientific research and its potential impact on society. Interdisciplinary at its core, nanoscience research provides a powerful direction for new discovery that requires fresh ways of thinking and new methodologies. Nanoscale systems by nature tend to be complex and dynamic, where the interplay between structure and composition serves to create spectacular new properties.

As a part of NanoDays 2011, this talk will serve to present a brief historical retrospective on the foundations, history, and advances in nanotechnology following the invention of the scanning tunneling microscope thirty years ago. In addition to providing an overview of advances in nanoscience research and their potential applications, I will highlight some of my recent work on the design, fabrication and characterization of functional nanoscale materials from the level of individual molecules to complex architectures.

The future of nanotechnology will be determined not solely by scientific knowledge, but also through the application of creative thought and imagination that go beyond the reductionist approach. The world in which we live operates over multiple scales. While nanoscience provides fertile ground for fundamental exploration and strong implications toward practical application, potential advances will require researchers to actively break down barriers between traditionally disparate fields. To this end, I will conclude by discussing the importance of recognizing interfaces, whether physical or philosophical, as dynamic in nature and not solely operational in a limited spatial or temporal regime.

(Joint with Chemical and Materials Engineering)

NanoDays 2011 Flyer (pdf)

Refreshments at 11:00 AM. Seminar begins at 11:10 AM.
Ursa Major B
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