Cal Poly Pomona

Physics and Astronomy Seminar

Thursday, May 10

So you want to become a physics teacher?

Homeyra Sadaghiani

Cal Poly Pomona

There is a strong, persistent, and growing demand for good high school physics teachers in California and across the nation. While about 400 high school physics teachers are hired each year, the rate at which new teachers are needed in classrooms is approximately 1,200 per year. In addition, only 35% of these physics teachers have a major in physics or physics education.
Many positions will go unfilled unless more individuals decide to pursue this career. In this talk,

I will discuss the challenges and rewards of physics teaching, and how these may fit into undergraduate students future education and career plans.


Refreshments at 10:50 AM. Seminar begins at 11:00 AM.
Building 8, Room 241
For further information, please call (909) 869-4014

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