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Making a Difference

Benefit From a Retirement Strategy

Building wealth for retirement takes many years—for most of us, our entire working life. Those who are still working may find it hard to imagine that the road to retirement actually comes to an end. Those nearing the end of a lifetime of work may be surprised at how quickly retirement has arrived! Whether you are building a retirement nest egg or already enjoying retirement, you and your heirs can benefit from a sound retirement strategy. And as you structure and implement your plans, it is helpful to remember that retirement assets can also be used to meet charitable goals.

One option for using retirement assets to realize charitable goals is as simple as naming us the full or partial beneficiary of your account. You can do this at any age by contacting the custodian or manager of your plan and requesting information about making a beneficiary designation. Remember, too, that you can always change the beneficiary designation to stay in line with your changing needs and goals.

For philanthropically minded IRA owners age 70½ or over, a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA (or IRA charitable rollover) is a way to make a gift through a direct transfer from your IRA to us. With this gift, you pay no income tax on the distribution (up to $100,000) and the amount transferred counts toward your required minimum distribution. Contact us for details about this gift option and other ways to integrate charitable giving with your retirement planning strategy. Thank you for your consideration and support.