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My research interests include several areas that intersect and overlap in several ways: smart systems, passive design, carbon neutrality, affordability, and the optimization of the architectural design process. Half of all greenhouse gas emissions of anthropogenic origin come from energy use in buildings and the reduction of this energy consumption is usually addressed through efficiency measures and renewable energy strategies. But this is not enough. I am interested in smart passive solar systems which are at the intersection of art and science and provide improved performance by incorporating interactive controllers that respond to outdoor conditions in real time. These can allow buildings to become living, breathing, entities that can re-configure themselves adapting to daily and seasonal cycles. I am also interested in the integration of these systems in low cost buildings in developed and less developed countries. Finally, I am interested in developing methods, techniques, and protocols that could improve the architectural design process, especially in the development of sustainable, low carbon buildings. Many of these ideas are in my book “Carbon Neutral Architectural Design” published by CRC Press-Taylor Francis in December of 2011 available in many online retailers: