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I teach students to design buildings with reduced carbon footprints and to heat and cool them with natural forces. I emphasize energy and design integration and interdisciplinary work. I have students in my lecture courses develop design problems to implement concepts learned, while students in my design studios must evaluate the performance of their design ideas. Students learn by implementing what they are learning in lecture courses and testing their ideas in studios. I believe that students should become effective stewards of the environment and it is our responsibility to teach future generations how to make this world better than it is now. I teach undergraduate and graduate design studios, seminar courses, environmental control courses in the department of architecture and co-teach a graduate seminar in the Masters program at the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies where I also advise thesis students. I also participate regularly in graduate committees in the Masters of Building Science in the University of Southern California.

Recent Courses:

ARC 203: Second Year Undergraduate Design Studio.

ARC 203L: Second Year Undergraduate Studio: Lecture Component.

ARC 331 Environmental Controls I.

ARC 401 & 405 Carbon Neutral Design Studio.

RS 530/530L Regenerative Technology.

ARC 431 Advanced Sustainable Systems.

ARC 499: Low Cost Sustainable Housing.

ARC 499: Sustainable Healthcare.

Advisor to Grad Students in Masters of Architecture.

Advisor to Grad Students in Regenerative Studies.