Cal Poly Pomona



Interim Policy-Misconduct in Research

Policy Number:   1.11
Date Adopted:   December 2004
Last Revised:

Policy Statement:

Research and sponsored programs, including creative activities, are conducted under the supervision of faculty and staff. In each project or program, one faculty member is designated the principal investigator (PI) and has primary responsibility for the oversight and management of the program including compliance with appropriate standards and research conduct. The chair of the PI's department (or director of their school or program) is responsible for ensuring that the PI exercises appropriate oversight and management. In the same fashion, the Dean of the PI's College (or director of the PI's department outside of Academic Affairs) is responsible that the PI and Department Chair exercise the appropriate oversight and management of the program or project. Ultimately, the appropriate Vice President is responsible to the President for ensuring that all research and sponsored programs within their Division accord with University and standard practice.