Cal Poly Pomona

Presidential Order: Parking/Traffic Rules and Regulations

The provisions of the California Vehicle Code are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Parking Permits are also required 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The Campus speed limit is 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.  Speeds are enforced by radar.

Responsibility for establishing rules and regulations relating to vehicles on State University Campuses is vested in the University, Section 42201 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, and section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code.  These provisions include responsibility for establishing parking regulations.

Citations will be issued for violations of any section of the California Vehicle Code.

  I.    General Parking Information


All full or part-time faculty, staff, student and visitors who park a vehicle on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, are required to display a current parking permit except for vehicles parked in 30 minute or metered spaces.  (All other vehicle regulations are also enforced 24 hours, seven days a week.)


Parking areas are designated as Faculty/Staff, Student or Visitor by appropriate signs.  Please note that only two-wheel vehicles are permitted to park in designated two-wheel vehicle parking areas.  Motorcycles are not permitted to park in regular automobile spaces.

Parking meters are available in Lots D and N for short term parking use.  Parking permits are not valid in metered spaces.

 3.        PERMIT FEE

All faculty, staff and students are required to pay a parking fee for each quarter and visitors a daily fee when using designated parking lots as follows:

A.      Parking fees will be as prescribed by the Chancellor, The California State University or as set by collective bargaining agreements.  Parking fees for quarterly, daily, metered and motorcycles/mopeds are revised periodically by the CSU.  Appropriate notice to the Campus of fee revisions will be given, if possible.

B.      The sale of decals will be on a quarterly basis for students.  Faculty/Staff decals will be issued on a quarterly or on an annual basis.  Annual permits may be paid on a monthly payroll deduction by application through the Cashier's Office.  Students without a quarterly parking permit may park in any student lot by purchasing a $1.50 daily permit from the ticket dispenser.

Faculty with I.D. may purchase a $1.50 daily permit at the Parking Booth.

C.      Visitors and vehicles not having a quarterly parking permit may purchase a daily permit from the dispensers located in Lots B, F-4, F-8, J-3, K, M, N and Poly Vista.  These permits are valid in any student lot on the day the purchase is made.  Daily permits may also be obtained at the Visitor Parking Booth.


Permits must be displayed at all times, including quarter breaks.  Faculty/Staff permits are honored in student lots.  Parking Permits may be displayed in one of two ways:

A.      Decals affixed to the left rear bumper.

B.      Hang tags attached to the rear view mirror so as to be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle.

Daily permits may be displayed in one of two ways:

A.      Affixed to the inside left, front windshield with date facing forward.

B.      Laid on driver's side dash with date side facing up.

If using a car cover or motorcycle cover, provision must be made so that the parking permit is evident from the rear of the vehicle.  Failure to have the permit visible may result in a parking citation.  A plastic pocket may be placed in the car cover into which the decal may be inserted or the decal may be affixed to the cover in any other manner.

Two-wheel vehicles, including mopeds or any motorized bicycle, required to be licensed by the State Department of Motor Vehicles, are required to park in designated motorcycle spaces.  Permit is to be displayed on the REAR FENDER or on the FRONT FORK.


Daily permit dispensers are located at the following locations:  Lots B, F-4, F-8, J-3, K, M, N, Poly Vista  and the Parking Booth.  These permits are for those not purchasing an annual or quarterly parking permit.  The dispensers will accept $1 bills and return change.  The dispenser permit is valid only in student lots and must be displayed face-up on the dashboard.  Unreadable permits are subject to citation.

As a convenience, students may park in Faculty/Staff Lots C and G after 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  All other Faculty/Staff locations continue to require a Faculty/Staff permit and are not available for student use.


Visitors to the campus may park in Student Parking Lot D (or other location as directed) by entering through the Parking Booth at the center of campus between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Visitors not desiring to park in Student Lot D may park and purchase a daily permit at the student lots from the ticket dispensers located therein. 

Departments wishing to provide visitor parking for guests may do so by submitting a Request for Free Parking to the University Public Safety (Police) Department.  Visitor permits are void if altered or used by faculty/staff or students.


Once a parking permit has been issued to an individual, the permit may neither be transferred nor used by another individual.


Permits that have been lost (which includes a permit left on a vehicle that was disposed of), misplaced or stolen will be replaced at the University Cashier Office.  Replacement is contingent upon establishing proof a permit was originally purchased and completing a Parking Permit Replacement Application.

Proof of purchase includes; parking fee receipt, cancelled check, or name appearing on the application listing maintained by University Cashier.

Parking Permits are not transferable.

Display of stolen or altered decal is subject to disciplinary action and to prosecution through Civil Hearings.


In the event a permit has been forgotten, a temporary permit may be obtained by presenting faculty/staff or student I.D. and proof of purchase of a parking permit to the Department of Public Safety.  Carry your receipt for parking permit with you at all times while on campus.


Special permits may be issued for restricted parking including, but not limited to, Rideshare, Kellogg West, Animal Science, Child Care Center, Food Services and Teacher Preparation.  Adequate posting by signs will designate these restricted areas Vendors servicing equipment on a regular basis may be issued a vendor parking permit by contacting the Department of Public Safety.

11.        RECIPROCITY

Current parking permits from any California State University campus shall be honored at CSU Pomona.  This policy applies to both Faculty/Staff and Student Permits.


1.        PARKING

No vehicle shall be parked in other than a marked space, nor within 10 feet of a building except in marked spaces.  Vehicles must be parked facing into parking stall (head-in parking only).

Vehicles failing to park within a marked stall, backed into stalls or facing out of parking stalls are subject to citation.


Parking spaces for the physically Disabled have been established throughout the Campus, and are designated by a blue paint stencil and a corresponding blue sign.  Such spaces are restricted to those vehicles bearing DISABLED LICENSE PLATES or PLACARD. 

Vehicles with DISABLED LICENSE PLATES, may when no disabled or medical parking space is available, park in green zones, but shall not park at red curbs, orange curbs, or in any other illegal parking areas.

Vehicles illegally parked in DISABLED SPACES are subject to tow-away at owner's expense.

Medical and Disabled parking are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day.


For the convenience of the medically disabled, Medical parking permits may be obtained from the Department of Public Safety.  A statement from the Health Center or personal physician is required, which must be specific as to the nature of the illness/injury and specify the anticipated recovery date. 

Medical permits must be renewed quarterly (not to exceed two quarters) and proof of purchase of valid parking permit must be shown in order to obtain the medical permit. Medical permits are valid only in designated medical spaces. 


Short-term metered spaces are available in both Lots D, and N and are available to any student, employee or visitor.  Regular parking permits are not valid in metered spaces.


All two-wheeled vehicles (motorscooters, motorbikes, motorcycles, etc.) must be parked in areas designated for two-wheeled vehicles.

 6.        PAINTED CURBS

Painted curbs are an indication of restricted parking and color denotes the type of parking allowed.  The following color code is adopted:

A.      RED ZONE: Indicates no stopping, standing or parking whether the vehicle is attended or not.

B.      YELLOW ZONE:  Parking for the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles, and instructional materials by faculty and staff, for a period not to exceed 15 minutes.

C.      ORANGE ZONE:  Denotes an area for service vehicles only.

D.      GREEN ZONE:  Indicates time limit parking of 30 minutes.

E.      BLUE ZONE:  Indicates Disabled Parking only.

F.      YELLOW MEDICAL ZONE:  Indicates Medical Parking only.



No person shall stop, park or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directive of a police officer or official device, in any of the following places:

A.      On the University Campus unless the place where parking is designated as a parking area.

B.      On any sidewalk.

C.      Alongside or opposite any street or highway excavation or construction when such stopping, standing or parking would obstruct traffic.

D.      Within 15 feet of any fire hydrant.

E.      Within 10 feet of any building.

F.       On any inclined University road without turning the front wheels into the curb and setting the emergency brake.

G.      Adjacent to or near any "No Parking" sign or red curb.



No student shall park in a parking area designated as "Faculty/Staff" parking.

Faculty/Staff Lots C and G are available as a convenience for student use after 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. 

A Faculty/Staff permit will also be honored in any student lot.

 9.        PARKING SPACE

A permit does not ensure the user of a parking space.  The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.  The University makes use of over-flow parking areas during certain weeks of the year.  These locations may be utilized by following the temporary directional signs located at the regular lots, or by calling the Department of Public Safety.


Any person parking (without a valid permit) a vehicle on the Campus in excess of 72 hours, unless under the direction of the University Public Safety (Police) Department shall be liable for the cost of towing such vehicle and storage thereof.

When a vehicle is impounded under the direction of the Department of Public Safety, the Department shall conduct Towed Vehicle Hearings in compliance with California Vehicle Code Section 22852.


No vehicle repairs will be made on campus, except with the permission of the Police Department. Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles may be removed and stored at the owner's expense.


No person shall wash or repair a car on the Campus except in areas designated by the Facilities Management Department.


The University reserves the right to remove and impound abandoned vehicles or any vehicle parked in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicle or pedestrian traffic, or to the movement or operation of emergency equipment.  Vehicles illegally parked may be removed and cited.  The owner will be responsible for the costs involved in removing, impounding and storing of each such vehicle.

Any vehicle having five (5) or more outstanding parking citations on file may be towed from campus and impounded.  The legal and/or registered owner shall be responsible for payment of all towing and storage costs in addition to the citation bail amounts.

Vehicles are also towable for other Vehicle Code violations delineated under CVC Section 22651.

When a vehicle is stored under the direction of the Department of Public Safety, the Department shall conduct Towed Vehicle Hearings in compliance with California Vehicle Code Section 22852.


A.      California Vehicle Code, Section 21113a.

 1)        Illegally parking in an assigned space.

 2)        Illegally parking in a space designated for authorized vehicle only, i.e. service vehicle

 3)        Blocking a fire road.

 4)        Parking on a flower bed, grass, hillside, etc.

 5)        Parking on a grade and failing to curb the front wheel.

 6)        Parking other than head-in to the stall.

 7)        Parking illegally in a loading zone.

 8)        Parking where a "No Parking" sign is posted.

 9)        Parking in the tram lane.

10)        Violation of a "No Stopping Anytime" zone.

11)        Parking in more than one space at a curb.

12)        Illegally parking overnight.

13)        Parking for longer than 30 minutes in a green zone.

14)        Parking overtime at a meter.

15)        Failure to park parallel to the curb.

16)        Parking a disconnected trailer.

17)        Parking outside the marked lines.

18)        Not displaying a valid permit.

19)        Display of an altered/lost/stolen permit.

20)        Parking at a red curb.

21)        Repairing a vehicle on a roadway.

22)        Storing a vehicle on the street.

23)        Washing a vehicle on the roadway.

24)        Parked on the wrong side of the street.

25)        Parked inoperable vehicle (without permit) in excess of 72 hours:

Notice of Parking Violation and Tow.

26)        Parked inoperable vehicle (with permit) in excess of 72 hours & notification: Notice of Parking Violation and Tow.

B.      California Vehicle Code, Section 22500-22522

 1)        Parked in or blocking an intersection.

 2)        Parked in or blocking a crosswalk.

 3)        Parked in or blocking a safety zone.

 4)        Parked in or blocking a driveway.

 5)        Parked in or blocking a sidewalk.

 6)        Parked in or next to an excavation.

 7)        Double Parking.

 8)        Parking in a bus zone.

 9)        Parking in a tunnel.

10)        Parking on a bridge.

11)        Parking with wheel over 18 inches from the curb.

12)        Illegally parking in a handicapped stall.

13)        Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.

14)        Parking on a grade without setting the emergency brake.

15)        Parking without stopping the motor.

16)        Parking and leaving a person locked inside the vehicle.

17)        Parking within 3 feet of wheelchair access.



 1.        SPEED LIMITS

Speed limits on campus have been established to conform with the Traffic Engineering survey completed in 1993 as follows:  Kellogg Drive and that portion of University Drive from Kellogg West to a location immediately south-east of the Residence Halls--25 miles per hour.  Also the portion of University Drive between Temple Avenue to Eucalyptus Lane and Citrus Lane--35 miles per hour.  East Campus Drive--45 miles per hour.  Eucalyptus Lane from Citrus Lane to Red Gum Lane--35 miles per hour.  University Drive from Kellogg West turnoff to Temple Avenue--30 miles per hour.  South Campus Drive--50 miles per hour.  No person shall drive at a speed that is greater than is reasonable, having due regard for the traffic, the surface and width of the roadway and the safety of persons or property.


No person shall drive or park a motor vehicle on any sidewalk, unpaved pathway or any lawn or landscaped area except emergency vehicles.


 1.        BICYCLES

Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks provided throughout the campus.  No bicycle, moped or two-wheeled vehicles may be parked in a classroom.


The usage of rollerblades, skateboards, motorized skateboards, rollerskates or similar coasting devices is prohibited on all campus roadways, highways, bicycle paths or trails, equestrian trails, recreational trails, campus parking lots, pedestrian walkways and sidewalks, and drainage ditches, as well as all other areas in and around campus buildings.

  V.         CITATIONS


All Notices of Parking Violations issued by the Department of Public Safety may be paid by mail, in the envelope provided, to the University Cashier, California State Polytechnic University or may be paid in person at the University Cashier, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Notice of Parking Violation disputes must be referred to the Department of Public Safety within Twenty-one (21) calendar days of issuance.  They shall be reviewed upon completion of the "Review Request" form.  Written determination of the review finding will be mailed to the citee. Citation disputes, or requests for hearing before the Hearing Examiner, shall be handled by the University Department of Public Safety. 

If the Notice of Parking Violation is not dealt with by or before the indicated date of    appearance, the registered owner of the vehicle will receive a "Notice of Illegal Parking and Intention to Notify Department of Motor Vehicles".  Failure to comply with provisions of the notification within 21 days may result in refusal by the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew the registration on the vehicle.

Class registration, graduation and transcript holds may be placed for outstanding citations.  In addition, vehicles with more than 5 violations on file are subject to tow.


The Department of Public Safety issues citations for moving violations in accordance with specific California Vehicle Code Sections.

All moving citations issued by the Department of Public Safety shall be handled through the Pomona Municipal Court, 350 West Mission Boulevard, Pomona, at or before the date specified. Failure to appear on a moving violation will result in the issuance of "Notice of Intent to Issue Warrant", and if not paid, a warrant will be issued for the arrest of the violator.   



J. Michael Ortiz, Ph.D.