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Campus Resources

Contact Information
Campus Police
(from a cell phone)
(909) 869-3070
* OR 9-1-1 from a campus phone
Counseling Services

(909) 869-3220
* Press 2 after hours
Cal Poly Pomona's Red Folder

Incident Response Team (IRT) for Hate Crimes or Hate Incidents

Call the University Police at (909) 869-3070 or to discuss non-emergency issues, contact the Dean of Students, Dr. Thomas A. Cruz-Soto, at (909) 869-3850, or send an email to

Student Conduct & Integrity

(909) 869-6985


PolyCARES Team

PolyCARES email:

(909) 869-3399
* Non-emergency confidential tip line

Concerning Student Behavior Report Form

Ombuds Office (909) 869-2286
Survivor Advocacy Services (SAS)
Campus Confidential Advocate to Support Survivors
of Sexual Assault, Abuse, Domestic Violence

(909) 869-3102

Title IX Office

(909) 869-2708
Title IX Reporting Form