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Which PolyCARES Member Do I Call?

You may call any PolyCARES team member regarding any person of concern (i.e., a person whose behavior concerns you). If you are unable to reach one member, please call another from the list. The PolyCARES team member with whom you speak is charged with ensuring the appropriate team members become involved.

*If you are a witness to or subject of an act of violence, a potentially dangerous situation, or imminent danger, call University Police at (909) 869-3070 (or 9-1-1from a campus telephone) immediately.

Name: Title: Email: Phone:
Sharon L. Reiter Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services (909) 869-3016
Lideth Ortega-Villalobos, Ph.D Interim Administrator-In-Charge of Counseling Services (909) 869-3220
Susan E. Ashe, Ed.D Director, Student Conduct & Integrity (909) 869-3462
Anita Jessup Interim Chief of Staff, President's Office (909) 869-3214
Tracee Passeggi Director, Disability Resource Center (909) 869-5257
Dario Robinson Chief of Police (909) 869-3065
Aaron J. Eaton Lieutenant, University Police (909) 869-3067
Linda Hoos Title IX Coordinator (909) 869-2708