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Catastrophic Leave
Updated June 27, 2002

Employees may donate vacation and/or sick leave credits in one-hour increments to Cal Poly Pomona employees authorized to receive donations under the Catastrophic Leave Donation Program. The maximum number of hours an employee may donate (July 1 through June 30) is 32 hours per fiscal year for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees, confidential employees, and employees in CSEA Bargaining Units 2, 5, 7 & 9, regardless of the bargaining unit of the recipient. All other employees may donate up to 16 hours per fiscal year.

Donation forms are available in Human Resource Services (98-B1-20). Donations are currently needed for the following employees:

  • Rizwan Akbar, Physics
  • Victoria M. Bishop, Disabled Student Services
  • David S. Harmer, Facilities Management
  • Lisa Lee, CEIS, Dean's Office
  • Jim Lyons, Facilities Planning & Management
  • Martina Newberry, MediaVision/ITAC
  • Yvette Rigaud, Office of Student Life
  • Nancy Surjadinata, Student Health Services
  • Margarita Woody, Learning Resource Center





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