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Bronco Globe

Bronco Globes 2009

The Bronco Globe was designed and created in the labs at Cal Poly, Pomona. One word to describe this product is- unique. Inside each Bronco Globe is a fluid which is a viscoplastic material. This material behaves as a fluid when forces are applied and as a solid when no forces are present. The Chemical And Materials Engineering department is currently working on several research projects involving this material for uses in biology and paints & coatings. In purchasing the Bronco Globe, you hold a piece of current Cal Poly Pomona research.

The Cal Poly Snow Globes were developed and commercialized by the first project cohort in 2009. Within 3 weeks of its introduction to the market, Cal Poly Snow Globes sold out.

Product Developers: Steven Casteneda, Blanca Cruz, Derek De Santiago, Geoffrey DiStefano, Alex Duarte, Steven Fata, Janessa Godwinausten, Mayra Hermosillo, Jessica Hussein, Deven Kaing, Angelina Luc, Jonathan Magturo, Elson Mills, Gerardo Montano, Robert Mota, Vu Nguyen, Gerardo Ordaz, Ryan Oshima, Fernando Pena, Rocio Sebhatu, Adam Stephen, Allene Turner