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Current & Past Projects

Current & Past Projects

Blu-Finder 2013

Blu-Finder is a USB flash drive that contains Bluetooth, which will help alert the owner if he or she forgets the device. The device will also provide a locator function... read more...


Poly Tickets 2012

Poly Tickets is an online ticketing merchant and a subsidiary of Payment Portal Corporation. Transactions are processed safely with great ease and fluidity. Poly Tickets offers merchants (event... read more...

Bronco Time

Bronco Time 2011

Bronco Time is a very unique product that was designed and created in the labs at Cal Poly Pomona. Poly Presents, the company behind Bronco Time, is comprised of top-level business and engineering... read more...

Bronco Paint

Bronco Paint 2010

Bronco Paint is a package of five, six-ounce bottles of paint. Each package contains colors: black, blue, red, yellow and white. A pearlescent gold glaze is also being offered separately... read more...

Bronco Globe

Bronco Globes 2009

The Bronco Globe was designed and created in the labs at Cal Poly, Pomona. One word to describe this product is- unique. Inside each Bronco Globe is a fluid which is a viscoplastic material... read more...