About Poly Presents


Bronco Time 2011

Bronco Time is a very unique product that was designed and created in the labs at Cal Poly Pomona. Poly Presents, the company behind Bronco Time, is comprised of top-level business and engineering students.
Unlike a majority of clocks, Bronco Time doesn't tell time by the use of observable ticking hands. Instead, our product is innovative because it indicates time by the sweeping movement of metallic balls along the clock perimeter. Additionally two pegs are located along the bottom of the back end of the clock. This will allow Bronco Time to tilt back, which makes the clock face easily observable from most angles.

Beatriz Acevedo Nathan Mark Warrick Leigh Brent Potter Robert Tran
Tyler Frisbee Julio Perez Paul Del Mundo Ravin Kumar, Brittney Bakion
Angela Tellez Jennifer Rodil Ashley Knoblach Robin Yamad Megan Jimenez

Project Team - LEFT TO RIGHT, Top to Bottom: Blake Byrne, Nathan Mark, Warrick Leigh, Brent Potter, Robert Tran, Tyler Frisbee, Julio Perez, Paul Del Mundo, Ravin Kumar, Brittney Bakion, Angela Tellez, Jennifer Rodil, Cynthia Solis, Ashley Knoblach, Robin Yamada, Megan Jimenez