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2007 List of Proposals & Recommendations


  1. The College of Agriculture is merged into the proposed College of Agricultural, Natural, and Environmental Sciences (Responses)
  2. Apparel Merchandising and Management is moved to the College of Business Administration (Responses)
  3. A proposed School of Architecture is created in the College of Engineering (Responses)
  4. Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning to become part of the environmental division of the proposed College of Agricultural, Natural, and Environmental Sciences (Responses)
  5. The Fine Art department is moved to the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). (Responses)
  6. The College of Education and Integrative Studies (CEIS) would be reorganized into a proposed School of Education within CLASS. (Responses)
  7. Graphic Design is separated from the Fine Art program and moved as a stand-alone program into the College of Business Administration (Responses)
  8. The Public Relations portion of Communications will be moved from CLASS to the College of Business Administration (Responses)
  9. Economics to be moved from CLASS to the College of Business Administration (Responses)
  10. The Kinesiology Program would be divided into three parts: Exercise Science would move to the proposed College of Agricultural, Natural, and Environmental Sciences . The Pedagogy component would be placed in the proposed School of Education. Based on its size, the Health Promotion component would be eliminated.(Responses)


11 Agricultural Science Discontinue or merge with other science-based single subject programs Responses
12 Agriculture Grad Stable funding Responses
13 Animal Health Science Enhanced funding Responses
14 Animal Science Enhanced funding Responses
15 Apparel Merchand & Mgmt Enhanced funding Responses
16 Food Mkt & Agribus Mgmt Merge or discontinue Responses
17 Food Science & Tech Merge or discontinue Responses
18 Foods & Nutrition Stable funding Responses
19 Horticulture/Plant Sciences Stable funding/merge Responses
20 Accounting Opt Stable funding Responses
21 Business Admin MBA Grad Stable funding (review in one year) Responses
22 Computer Info Systems Opt Stable funding or merge Responses
23 Finance, Real Estate, Law Opt Stable funding Responses
24 Info Systems Auditing Opt Merge or discontinue Responses
25 International Business Opt Stable funding pending reevaluation Responses
26 Marketing Management Opt Stable funding Responses
27 Mgmt & Human Resources Opt Enhanced funding Responses
28 Operations Management Opt Stable funding (pending reevaluation in one year) Responses
29 e-Business Opt Stable funding Responses
30 Education Grad Enhanced funding - pending a planning process that identifies priorities for the options in the program Responses
31 Gender,Ethn,Multicul Stu Stable funding Responses
32 IGE Stable funding Responses
33 Liberal Studies Stable funding Responses
34 Mult Subj (LS) Cred Gen Enhanced funding - pending development of an enrollment management plan to increase enrollment Responses
35 Single Subject Cred Gen Stable funding Responses
36 Specialist Instruct Cred Enhanced funding Responses
37 Aerospace Engr Stable funding Responses
38 Chemical Engr Stable funding Responses
39 Civil Engr Enhanced funding Responses
40 Computer Engr Stable funding Responses
41 Construction Engr Tech Stable funding for one year pending development of a plan to merge with another appropriate program Responses
42 Electrical Engineering Grad Stable funding pending development of a plan for enrollment management and curriculum development Responses
43 Electrical Engr Stable funding Responses
44 Electron & Comp Engr Tech Stable funding, merge or discontinue Responses
45 Engr Management Grad Discontinue Responses
46 Engr Technology Merge Responses
47 Industrial Engr Stable funding Responses
48 Manufacturing Engr Stable funding Responses
49 Mechanical Engr Enhanced funding Responses
50 Mechanical Engr Grad Discontinue Responses
51 Structural Engr Master Stable funding Responses
52 Architecture (6060) Enhanced funding Responses
53 Architecture Grad Stable funding Responses
54 Art Stable funding Responses
55 Graphic Design Stable funding Responses
56 Landscape Architecture Stable funding Responses
57 Landscape Architecture Grad Enhanced funding Responses
58 Regenerative Studies Grad Enhanced funding Responses
59 Regenerative Studies Minor Stable funding (pending verification of future demand) Responses
60 Urban & Regional Plan Stable funding Responses
61 Urban & Regional Plan Grad Enhanced funding Responses
62 Anthropology Stable funding Responses
63 Behavioral Science Stable funding Responses
64 Communication Stable funding - proposed merging Responses
65 Dance Merge Responses
66 Economics Stable funding - proposed move to College of Business Administration Responses
67 Economics Grad Stable funding for one year - merge with College of Business Administration Responses
68 English Enhanced funding Responses
69 English - Remedial Reduced Funding Responses
70 English Grad Stable funding Responses
71 French Merge or discontinue Responses
72 Geography Stable funding Responses
73 History Stable funding Responses
74 History Grad Discontinue Responses
75 Kinesiology Stable funding Responses
76 Kinesiology Grad Discontinue Responses
77 Master of Public Admin Stable funding Responses
78 Music Enhanced funding Responses
79 Philosophy Enhanced funding Responses
80 Political Science Enhanced funding Responses
81 Psychology Stable funding pending development of an enrollment management plan Responses
82 Psychology Grad Stable funding Responses
83 Social Sciences Discontinue Responses
84 Sociology Stable funding pending development of an enrollment management plan Responses
85 Spanish Stable funding Responses
86 Theatre Enhanced funding Responses
87 Biological Sciences Grad Stable funding Responses
88 Biology Enhanced funding Responses
89 Biotechnology Stable funding Responses
90 Botany Merge or discontinue Responses
91 Chemistry Stable funding Responses
92 Chemistry Grad Merge or discontinue Responses
93 Computer Science Stable funding/merge Responses
94 Computer Science Grad Merge or discontinue Responses
95 Environmental Biology Enhanced funding Responses
96 Geology Merge Responses
97 Integrated Earth Studies Merge or discontinue Responses
98 Math - Remedial Reduced Funding Responses
99 Mathematics Stable funding Responses
100 Mathematics Grad Stable funding Responses
101 Microbiology Stable funding Responses
102 Physics Enhanced funding Responses
103 Zoology Stable funding/merge Responses
104 Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt Unable to make recommendation Responses


105 Program Quality Assessment Description Responses
106 Common Metrics and Measurements Description Responses
107 Academic Centers Description Responses
108 Review and Redesign of College-based Support Programs Description Responses
109 Technology Support Description Responses
110 Learning Coalition Description Responses
111 Coordinated University Communication Description Responses
112 One-Stop Shop for Event Planning Description Responses
113 Common Campus Calendar Description Responses
114 Safety and Security Description Responses
115 Environmental Health and Safety Description Responses
116 Organizational Development & Training Description Responses
117 Intercollegiate Athletics Description Responses
118 Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Description Responses
119 International Center Description Responses
120 Plant and Animal Units Description Responses
121 Neutra House Description Responses
122 The Library as a Place Description Responses
123 Various Academic Centers Description Responses

Other Responses

These responses could not be clearly assigned to any recommendation.