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2007 List of Proposals

Coordinated University Communication

Based on the Director of Development model, the committee recommends creating a cadre of communication, marketing and web specialists who are housed in division or college offices, but who report to the Office of Public Affairs. This office can provide the technical oversight and supervision needed, while location in the colleges will ensure the communication needs of these units are met. These new staff would provide colleges/divisions with immediate communication support in the areas of print and online publications as well as other communication strategies. Public Affairs would provide institutional leadership, ensuring that the university identity and quality are maintained at the highest levels, while also brokering on behalf of the campus to ensure that the university is being economical with its communication resources. The committee views this recommendation as an important investment in preparation for the capital campaign, but it is also one that will have long-lasting positive impacts on the ability of colleges and divisions to make the work of the faculty and staff visible.

Implementation Process – University Advancement should prepare a business plan to implement a DoD-like cadre of communication experts in colleges and divisions. The plan should integrate with needs for the capital campaign, but the need for communications officers in units will certainly outlast that effort.