Cal Poly Pomona

2007 List of Proposals

Learning Coalition

The committee recommends the current learning support programs come together as a Learning Coalition. As the name implies, individual programs must join in common purpose to support student learning, contributing their specialized expertise to build a comprehensive learning support system, whose goal derives from current student needs, not just the history of each program. This structure should assist students to identify easily their learning support needs, to access learning support services that meet those needs, and to know they are receiving the best support for their learning the campus can provide.

Implementation Process. There is a considerable amount of general fund dollars dedicated to these operations individually (in excess of $2.5 million from the General Fund). The committee would ask Academic Affairs and Student Affairs to take the lead in developing a plan to deploy these resources in ways that provide campus-wide, curriculum-wide support for student learning in ways that are consistent with the learning outcomes of courses and programs. The coalition will require innovative leadership to develop the learning support systems needed on a learning-centered campus. Additional funding will be required from new sources such as grants, endowments and private sources. Programs participating in the learning coalition often have other functions besides learning support, and there may be opportunities for collaboration in these other activities as well. With proposed changes in building occupancy in the central part of campus, we recommend finding space to house learning support programs together in a location convenient to students. One example might be the current home of the College of Business Administration, once its new facility is completed. Another example would be Building 1.