Cal Poly Pomona

2007 List of Proposals

Program Quality Assessment

Cal Poly Pomona should develop an approach to assessing service program quality that is analogous to what is used in academic programs to assess and improve the curriculum. The approach should be built on feedback from constituents on the quality of service provided as well as whether the right service is offered. As with academic assessment programs, results should be shared appropriately, as should the remedies taken to enhance the program.

Implementation Process – The committee recommends that Organizational
Development and Training (ODT) be a designated lead for developing and
delivering training to support programs on quality assessment, providing programs with the tools they need to develop program-specific quality assessment mechanisms. There are many institutions across the country that have developed useful approaches that programs can modify for their needs. ODT has a large role to play in helping staff and management of programs learn how other universities have implemented similar approaches and should become a campus resource center on quality assessment for support programs.