Cal Poly Pomona

2007 List of Proposals

Safety and Security

Safety and security on campus is a prominent issue for current and prospective students and their parents, as well as for university faculty and staff. Our location in a major metropolitan area means the need for diligence on safety will be ongoing.

Alarm and Card-Access Systems. While Cal Poly Pomona enjoys exceptional leadership and staffing in the areas of police and emergency preparedness, the university has not dedicated the type of institutional funding that would maintain an appropriate alarm and card-access system for many buildings on campus. Colleges have been forced to develop and purchase their own systems, which have been effective and well-managed. The committee recommends that the university partner with the best college-based model, using their process, and invest in a common system that can be centrally funded and maintained.

Police Department. The committee recommends that our police department become fully staffed, based on a nationally accepted formula for the student population.