Cal Poly Pomona

2007 List of Proposals

Technology Support

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Instructional & Information Technology should cooperate to achieve an overall increase in effective support for faculty use of technology in the classroom and student learning success from technology-based experiences. All divisions should cooperate to achieve a similar increase in effectiveness of enterprise-wide technology support. To do this, the divisions should re-examine how resources are distributed and programs structured in this area and establish effective, cooperative cross-divisional programs to support the educational and enterprise use of technology. Collaborative programs that cross divisions should increase both efficiency and effectiveness.

Implementation Process - The IT Governance Committee is charged with developing a “comprehensive IT planning process”, and is the appropriate venue for identifying and promoting collaboration to increase efficiency and effectiveness. In cooperation with the divisions, IT Governance should identify those areas of instructional and enterprise technology support where common needs exceed unit-specific requirements, and articulate expectations for service in these areas that faculty, staff, and students can expect. The divisions should collaborate in redesigning support in these common areas to eliminate duplication and achieve economies of scale; reinvesting funds to increase the overall quality of service we provide faculty, staff, and students. To accomplish this, we must overcome our habit of talking about centralized or decentralized support for technology as if these were the only options for the campus. Cal Poly Pomona will need a more cooperative, university-wide focus to provide faculty, staff, and students the increased service they will need as technology evolves. At present, the best ideas for the future should be developed by IT Governance and the committee suggests that this organization play a leadership role in this effort.

Nowhere is the need for cooperation and collaboration more apparent than in the several programs that contribute to the campus data warehouse. The warehouse was not identified as a program in its own right, and many programs do participate in its creation and maintenance. The campus needs a data warehouse system urgently. This service should have a high priority for examination.