Cal Poly Pomona

Research Interests

Descriptions of possible senior and graduate topics can be found on my senior projects page.

. At this time, I only accept MS students for the thesis option.

Current Research Interests:

Self- Adaptive, Self-Organizing Computation for Cyber-Physical Systems

I see complexity as a fundamental technical challenge to the design and deployment of trustworthy engineered systems, especially cyber-physical systems that have self-X capabilities like self-organization, self-adaptation, self-modeling, and self-reconfiguration. My work, in collaboration with Kirstie L. Bellman and Christopher A. Landauer of The Aerospace Corporation, focuses on both the conceptual and systems engineering challenges posed by complexity. Further information on these topics can be found on my publications page.

Optical upconversion, modeling and simulation of the optical properties of solids

Optical spectroscopy of lanthanoid ions in solid hosts, solid-state lasers

Photonic devices and systems, LED-based lighting

Research Group Wiki

More information is available at the research group Wiki

Projects I've been associated with in the past:

See my publications page for more information.

In Academia

Sensors and actuators:

Infrared ranging by Image subtraction (IRIS), Low power wireless microsensors (LWIM), wireless integrated networked sensors (WIMS)

Complex systems:

Solar powered formation flight (SPFF, aka the "Speyer Flyer")

In Industry

Pioneer Venus, the SSMI radiometer, and various other commercial and military spacecraft systems; accelerometers for automotive air bag systems; the iRoom project, novel plasma-based nano-scale surface modification techniques.