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Contract Services

The Contract Services unit of Procurement and Support Services is located at Building 75, 2740 So. Campus Drive, Pomona, CA and is responsible for the following types of contracts and services: Public Works Projects, Service Agreements, Repair & Maintenance Agreements, Consulting Agreements, CSU System-wide Agreements, Leases, and Emergency Agreements.

In addition, Contract Services is responsible for: legal advertisement of all bids and contracts; conducting public bid openings; evaluation and award of bids; DVBE coordination and evaluation; the filing of Notices of Completion; overseeing insurance requirements; and the coordination and printing and distribution of project plans and specifications.

Consulting Services

These agreements are used for non-public works projects, when consultant services are required where expertise and complexity of the service required cannot be performed by University personnel. The service should involve expertise not available on the campus and should be of a type not normally performed under the direction of a supervisor or employer. The University should provide no supplies or tools for the person performing the service, and the term of service should be relatively short. Consulting service agreements do not require approval from the Chancellor's Office.

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Miscellaneous Agreements:

Contract Services prepares and processes many miscellaneous types of agreements. These include student teaching agreements, internship agreements, and MOU's. In addition, the following agreements are prepared by Contract Services:

CSU System Wide Agreements - The California State University system has entered into a series of contracts for commonly required services and commodities. These contracts are issued by the Chancellor's Office, or by individual campuses acting on behalf of the Trustees of the CSU, for use by all CSU entities. See "Current Bulletins of System-wide Agreements at:

Leases (Ground, Auxiliary, Subleases, Operating) - These may include agreements between the CSU and various campus groups that support the functions and activities pursuant to Title 5, California Code of Regulations.

Emergency Agreements - As defined in the Public Contract Code, an emergency means a sudden, unexpected occurrence that poses a clear and imminent danger, requiring immediate action to prevent or mitigate the loss or impairment of life, health, property, or essential services.

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Policies & Bidding Information

The following is an easy reference guide to the resources and services available to meet your contracting and purchasing requirements. Contract Services is available to assist you by contacting Lorraine Rodriguez (909) 869-3391or Becky Pepping at (909) 869-6842.

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General Provisions (Non-Public Works)

Cal Poly Pomona agreements, contracts, or purchase orders, under both law and Trustees' policy, contain minimum standard terms and conditions to which both parties must agree. By reference, these general provisions for commodity and service acquisitions are an integral part of each contract, whether or not a Cal Poly Pomona/CSU standard contracting form is used. See General Provisions for Commodity and Service Acquisitions at:

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Public Works

Contract Services bids and executes Public Works contracts that apply to new construction or repair of any state structure, building, road or other public improvement. These contracts contain the CSU Contract General Conditions for Minor Capital Outlay Projects ($634,000.) and Major Capital Outlay Projects (+$634,000). See:

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Bid Requirements

By law, on all public works projects, Contract Services must solicit formal bids where the dollar amount exceeds $5000.

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Acquiring Services

Consultants and other professional services from individuals for less than $1000.00 are typically issued on a Service Order. These routine, simple services that require a less formal basis, may be requested on a standard purchase requisition form. Contract Services will then issue a Service Order for these services. More complex services will require a formal contract. If the requested service exceeds $50,000. Contract Services must prepare a formal solicitation document (bid). A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be used when vendors are given a general requirement and asked to propose a methodology and cost to accomplish the task. Proposals are evaluated on other criteria as well as cost. An Invitation to Bid (IFB) is used if a service will be evaluated and awarded based on lowest price. Contract Services will help you decide which approach is necessary.

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Bidsync at is the publication of record for all formal bids. Bids are advertised for two consecutive weeks. Public Works bids may also be advertised in local trade publications, such as Inland Daily Bulletin and Dodge Construction News.

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Bond and Other Bid Requirements

Bidders may be required to provide a Bid Bond with certain types of advertised bids. Successful contractors and bidders may, in addition, be required to furnish any or all of the following:

  • 100% Performance and 100% Payment Bonds
  • List of Proposed Subcontractors
  • Noncollusion Affidavit
  • Small Business Preference
  • Certificate of Appropriate License
  • DVBE participation
  • Endorsements of Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation certificate
  • Vendor Data Record

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Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)

State law requires that state agencies make efforts to achieve a goal of three (3) percent participation for disabled veteran business enterprises (DVBE) in state contracts. To view the CSU's requirements on DVBE:

Payment Record (Std. Form 204)

Each vendor or contractor (except for a state or other governmental entity) doing business with the State of California must complete a Std. Form 204 Vendor Data Record.

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Prequalification of Prospective Bidder

On contracts the estimated cost of which exceeds six hundred thirty-four thousand dollars ($634,000), the Trustees shall require prospective bidders to answer questions contained in a standard form of questionnaire and financial statement, including a complete statement of the prospective bidder's financial ability and experience in performing public works. See:

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Small Business Preference

The California State University system offers a 5% preference for small businesses. See bid documents for further details. Certification forms are available at: . Or you may contact the Office of Small Business Certification and Resources at:

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Receipt of Bid

All advertised bids will be received ONLY in the office of Procurement and Support Services, Bldg. No. 75, (unless stated otherwise in bid documents) in a sealed envelope with the bid opening date/time and bid name/number, prior to the date and time specified in the bid documents. It is the responsibility of each bidder to see that the bid is delivered to the proper location at the proper time. Bids delivered to the campus mailroom, receiving dock, or other office or location will not be accepted.

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Bid Opening

Presence at bid openings is not required, but vendors are welcome to attend.

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Bid Award

The purchase of goods and/or services shall be awarded to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder whose proposal complies with all the requirement prescribed in the bid documents.

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