Cal Poly Pomona

Personal Mail

University policy regarding distribution of mail on campus is designed to ensure compliance with federal regulations and university guidelines relating to the use of U.S. and campus mail services. It is also intended to provide service to those directly related to official university business.

These services are not available for the personal and private business of university students, faculty and staff members, or to outside agencies, organizations, and commercial firms for activities not directly sponsored or conducted by the university. Each department head, in accordance with operational policies university, is responsible for determining whether materials to be addressed and/or distributed by Cal Poly Pomona Distribution Services are related to official university business. When questions occur concerning such determination, the matter may be referred to the next level of university administration (director, dean, vice president, etc.). Materials found to be in violation of this policy, will be removed immediately and affected staff members so advised by Distribution Services.

Cal Poly Pomona Department Mail

Mail addressed to Cal Poly Pomona becomes the property of Cal Poly Distribution Services. All mail received at Cal Poly Pomona is to be official Cal Poly Pomona business mail. When mail is addressed to and delivered to that department, it becomes the property of the department. Each department should establish policy with their staff as to the handling of mail when an employee has left the department. University funds will not be used for forwarding this type of mail.

Personal Mail and Couriers Items

Any personal mail sent to staff members that is registered, certified or insured, OR personal parcels sent via UPS, Federal Express should be addressed to home addresses. Such items include, but are not limited to, fraternal and church bulletins; personal effects; books and record club mailings; personal check books, and magazines, periodicals, and newspapers not specifically used in the course of university business.

Private Business And Personal Mail

The following classifications are examples of campus mail that is NOT to be processed within the university mail system:

  • Any material that, if stamped would be prohibited by federal postal regulations.
  • Personal unstamped mail involving the operation of employee and/or student organizations outside of the recognized university structure
  • Literature, circulars, or notices originated by non-university employees and/or student organizations
  • Petitions
  • Money solicitations
  • Membership recruitment materials not originated by the university administration
  • Election or campaign materials of a partisan nature
  • Items of material such as money, money orders, checks, etc.
  • Unstamped commercial solicitations
  • Personal greetings
  • Books and like materials
  • On-Campus Mail