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Procurement Credit Card Program

The Procurement Credit card is an innovative alternative for making purchases of non-value added and low dollar value purchases by the cardholder that reduces costs to the University and improves processing time. With the ease of a widely accepted Procurement Card, employees may make walk-in, telephone, catalog or Internet purchases typically up to $1,000 (including tax), without the approval of the Procurement Office. The card allows departments to effectively control and monitor small purchases and reduce acquisition time and paperwork. Departments are encouraged to use the Procurement Credit Card for routine, day-to-day purchases in order to achieve cost savings and improve processing time for such items.

Procurement and Support Services administers the credit card program and is responsible for coordinating and evaluating all aspects of the program. The program administrator is responsible for processing cardholder and approving official applications, program training, account maintenance, auditing and reconciling cardholder monthly reconciliation documents.

Qualifications for cardholder new

Eligible employees include full-time staff or faculty with a minimum appointment of six months or greater.  Temporary employees (appointment less than 6 months), Cal Poly Pomona Foundation employees, Associated Students Inc. employees, retired annuitants, volunteers, and student assistants are NOT eligible for a Cal Poly procurement card.

Program Administrator
Becky Pepping, C.P.M.
Phone: 909-869-6842

Program Assistant
Ruth Carrington
Phone: 909-869-4384

Procurement Credit Card User's Handbook

The Procurement Credit Card User's handbook revised

Access Online Training Powerpoint revised

Procurement Credit Card Forms

Participation Application (Exhibit A) revised
Monthly Purchase Summary
F-3775 (Exhibit C)
Certification of Goods Form (Exhibit D)
Alternating Approving Official Memo (Exhibit E)
New Approving Official Form (Exhibit F)
Signature Authorization Form F-459 (Exhibit G)

Billing Cycle

The billing cycle ends on the 22nd of each month. Exception: when the 22nd falls on a weekend or holiday, the billing cycle will end on the following business day.

Transaction Reports (Statements)

Usually available to print on the 24th of each month.

Reconciliation Due Date

Reconciliations must be received in Procurement and Support Services, Bldg. 75 NO later than 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of the following month.

You will receive an e-mail reminder when statements are available to print.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What are the advantages of using the credit card?

The ease of making purchases with the Procurement Visa card gives the cardholder increased flexibility. Utilizing the card reduces the reliance on the procurement process, while increasing the cardholder's ability to take advantage of "sale" items. Vendor participation increases because vendors prefer a credit card in lieu of a purchase order (especially small businesses).

2. Is there an annual fee?

No, U.S. Bank (the contract carrier) issues the Visa card free of charge."

3. What type of credit card is it?

It is a corporate Visa card issued from U.S. Bank.

4. What is my personal liability? Can it affect my personal credit rating?

The Visa is a corporate card with no individual liability. The cardholder is not required to furnish any personal data.

5. What is the limit per purchase?

Typically up to $1,000 per transaction including tax, shipping and handling.

6. Is there a monthly dollar limit?

Yes, the monthly limit is set by the Dean or Director, based on individual and budgetary needs.

7. How do I make purchases?

You can make walk-in purchases, place telephone calls, catalog or fax orders.

8. Can I purchase anything I want?

No, just like purchase orders, there are prohibited items.

9. It sounds good, but is there paperwork involved?

Yes, cardholders must maintain a Monthly Purchasing Summary and retain adequate receipts for all purchases. The cardholder is also responsible for recording the Monthly Purchasing Summary at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

10. Who monitors what I buy?

It is the responsibility of each cardholder to make the appropriate purchases in accordance with program guidelines. It is the responsbility of each approving official to review and approve the cardholder's monthly purchases. In addition, periodic post audits are conducted and card privileges may be revoked for non-compliance.

11. Can I cancel my card at any time?

Yes. To cancel your credit card, the approving official, Dean or Director, should notify the Program Administrator in writing.

12. If I change departments, can I keep my credit card?

Upon departmental transfer, notification should be submitted by cardholder’s approving official to program administrator, and determination made to cancel the card or change departmental reporting, chartfield, hierarchy.

13. How can I become a cardholder?

A "Participation Application" is the only paperwork required by the prospective cardholder. It should be completed and forwarded to the Program Administrator in Procurement and Support Services to initiate the process. The Dean or Director's approval is required.

14. How long does it take to receive the card?

10 to 15 working days.

15. Is training available?

Yes, Procurement provides a mandatory training session for all new cardholders.


For changes, please contact Becky Pepping, ext 6842 or e-mail