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Records Management

Graphic Communications Services offers a complete Records Management Service. Records can be stored at the State Records Center (SRC) in Sacramento with a retrieval time of 5-7 working days. Frequently used files should not be stored at SRC. A Records Transfer Form Std. 71 should be completed and forwarded to Daiken Fiore for document pick-up and processing.

Ext.: 3298
Building 5, Room 221

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Procedures for Archiving:

To Utilize State Records Storage

•  Complete a "Records Transfer List" form

•  Send the "Records Transfer List" form to Records Management in Graphic Communciations Services

•  Records Management will assign a Records Transfer List number(s)

•  Order the appropriate size and type of box (see ordering storage boxes)

•  Mark each box appropriately (see marking boxes)

•  Call Records Management (x3298) when boxes are ready for pick-up


Records Transfer List (word document)
Records Transfer List (pdf)

How to Complete a Records Transfer List

•  See the sample "Records Transfer List" form below.

•  The following information should be completed on the Records Transfer List:

    • Department name
    • Destruction date (year and quarter - Example: 2008/3)
    • Destruction method, if confidential
    • Box number
    • Description of records* (double space between entries)
    • Years covered
    • Signatures at the bottom of form (records forwarded by and approved by).

* Please note : Only one name/title can be entered on the transfer list per box for the description of the records. If you choose to list contents, attach a separate sheet. However, a content list is NOT required and can be retained by the originating department.

The agency billing code for Cal Poly is 20310.

Records Transfer List Sample

Archive Box Requirements

•  Size : 10"h x 12"w x 15"d

•  Type : Archive boxes must be light tan in color (wood grain boxes will not be accepted). The appropriate boxes are available through Office Max item # P512770.

•  Lids must fit securely. (Do NOT include any hanging folders)

•  Boxes will NOT be accepted if the requirements are not met.

Ordering Storage Boxes

•  All Office Max orders are placed on-line.

•  Item number is PS12770 ($57.72 per carton of 12)

•  Substitutions will NOT be accepted.

Marking Boxes

•  On one END of the box, print clearly with black marker:

•  The assigned TL#, and

•  The box number(s).

•  Printing should not exceed three (3) inches in height.

•  Please do not put additional information on the box. Do not write on the other three sides.

•  Boxes will NOT be accepted if marked incorrectly. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please call Daiken Fiore at x3298 or email her at

Please click here to see a sample of the archive box with TL and box numbers.


•  Forward the completed "Records Transfer List" form to Daiken Fiore, Graphic Communications Services.

•  Records Transfer Lists are reviewed and a Transfer List Number assigned. You will be notified of the number. This number should be printed on the box. (see marking boxes)

•  Contact Records Management (x3298) to arrange for pick-up when your boxes have been appropriately marked. Pick-ups are made as quickly as possible; however, they are based on staff availability.

•  Archive boxes are staged in Building 5-221, until shipping arrangements are made.

•  Once an archive box is shipped and received at the SRC in Sacramento , a copy of the department's Records Transfer List with the assigned SCR number(s) will be forwarded to the originating department. One copy is retained in the Records Management area.

•  SRC will notify Records Management when archive boxes have reached their destruction date. Departments are then notified via a memo asking if they want the records destroyed or the date extended.


For retrieval, contact Records Management at x3298 or by e-mail with the following information:

•  Records Transfer List number

•  Box number

•  State Records Center number

•  File name (if applicable)

•  Contact person and phone #

Keep in mind it takes 5-7 working days to retrieve a file.