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Procurement and Support Services administers the office supplies online ordering program in association with OfficeMax. OfficeMax has been selected to provide office supplies and related products to Cal Poly Pomona through a competitive bidding process conducted by the CSU. In many office supply categories, Cal Poly Pomona will receive over 70% off catalog and retail prices. General office supplies will usually be delivered within 24 hours to the requestor's desktop.

Program Administrator
Jackie Miranda
Phone: 909-869-3436

Program Assistant
Joan Horn
Phone: 909-869-4705

OfficeMax Sales Representative
Julie Hawk


What's New...

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program Memorandum for generic office products begins October 1, 2012.

OfficeMax Auto-substitution Program Frequently Asked Questions.

List of Substitution Items.

OfficeMax Quality Concern Form (F-3839)

General Information

General office supplies may be purchased via the OfficeMax website at Cal Poly Pomona staff member who has the responsibility of ordering office supplies will be given website access after submitting a completed Office Products Online User Authorization/Agreement Form to Procurement & Support Services. Website training will be given upon request.

This office supplies online ordering program is to be used only for authorized purchases for University use by the named user. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure proper use of the program. The user may not make personal purchases.

Office Max Sales Representative

The campus has a new sales representative for OfficeMax: Julie Hawk. She can be reached via email at:

Julie also wanted to remind us that the 2011 catalogs are now available and ready to be ordered online. The item number is J9CATALOG10 and there is no charge for the catalog.

Also, please remember to retain original boxes and packages on all items, ESPECIALLY all technology items for at least 30 days, in case a return will be required.

For further information on OfficeMax, please contact Jackie Miranda at 3436 or Joan Horn at 4705.

Dedicated Office Max Support Team

OfficeMax & our new representative Julie Hawk would like Cal Poly Pomona online users to implement a new approach to doing business with OfficeMax. The new approach will provide you with a faster more efficient response time to your OfficeMax questions and concerns. Please see the attached flyer for the 1 800 customer service number to be used for your inquires. Julie Hawk & OfficeMax's goal is to have all Cal Poly Pomona online users utilize the customer service number or the online assistant on our OfficeMax website for any general inquiries for an immediate response.

OfficeMax has added an incentive for online users who utilize the customer service number or online assistant. When Cal Poly Pomona online users contact OfficeMax's customer service department, they will be entered into a monthly raffle conducted by OfficeMax. The monthly raffle winner will be announced at the beginning of each month via email from OfficeMax.
OfficeMax has assured that each prize winner will be impressed with their gift and looks forward to the monthly raffles!

KTEK Toner

There has been an Amendment to our OfficeMax contract. Amendment 7 -KTEK Initiative. KTEK is a DVBE/certified small business who sells toners, and who has partnered up with OfficeMax. The KTEK Initiative furthers three of the CSU’s common goals: 1) cost savings (KTEK prices are 47% to 70% less than their HP equivalents), 2) continued use of recycled products (all KTEK products include recycled materials), and 3) increased utilization of DVBE’s and certified small businesses (KTEK qualifies as both). When fully implemented the program is anticipated to yield an overall cost savings to the CSU exceeding $500,000 annually.

OfficeMax moved 36 HP toners from their current Category A (low contract price list) to Category B (higher price list) as part of the CSU KTEK Initiative. OfficeMax has provided a number of valuable web-based resources and services to implement the program, including a presentation of a “kick-off” training webinar (which took place on August 6th), easy access cross-referenced pricing information (attached), and customer service representatives who are available to support Cal Poly Pomona online users.

Core List

We wanted to share with you the complete core list of all contracted items with OfficeMax.  This list includes the 700 core items that represent the highest usage in prior years.  We encourage you to utilize these items whenever possible as they represent the largest discount through the state contract with OfficeMax.  All other items available through OfficeMax will be discounted as well, but the biggest savings will be on these core items.  When you are on the OfficeMax website, these items are denoted by the following symbol:  "C".

Please click on the following to look at the Office Max Core List.

This list will be a helpful reference when searching for basic office products.  It includes the product number, product description, unit of measure and our contracted price.

In addition, all recycled items have been noted on the attached list;  please purchase these recycled products whenever possible.  As a state agency, we are required to purchase and report on certain recycled content products.  Any help you can offer when making your office product purchases will be greatly appreciated.

Office Max Training Manual

An Office Max Training Manual is available in a pdf file.

Prohibited Items

The following items are NOT to be purchased from this program:

•  Appliances: refrigerators, coffee urns, microwaves, etc.
•  Computers, computer equipment
•  Flowers, plants, office decorations, etc.
•  Food, soft drinks, coffee, candy, snacks, etc.
•  Medicine, aspirin, antacids, Tylenol, etc.
•  Paper goods, tissues, coffee filters, etc.
•  Party favors, paper plates, cups, paper napkins, tablecloths, plastic goods, etc.
•  Property/Inventory items: equipment over $5,000, printers over $500, 16" + monitors, cameras, camcorders, VCR's over $500.
•  Services

Privileges may be revoked by the Program Administrator for non-compliance.