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Suggestions for succeeding in college (PDF file)


Chem 315 related material


Chem 315 Course Syllabus, Fall 2014

Spring 315 Topic 1 Acid/Base Chemistry

Spring 315 Topic1 Partial Key

Spring 315 Reactions Overview (pre-midterm)

Chem 315 Reactions List (1C, 2C, 3C reactions to use in syntheses, strategies are given for 4C, 5C and some 6C structures too, alkene and alkyne reactions too)

Spring 315 Acid catalyzed reactions grouped together, a. presented as overall reaction, b. full mechanism steps without details, c. full mechanisms with details, good practice for reactions in acid, complements tautomers in acid


315 Alkene and Alkyne Reactions and Synthesis (this has not been editied, probably lots of mistakes, plan to add more when time is available, first posting)

Chem 315 Regrade Options for Midterm Exam

Fall 2014 Synthetic Targets, premidterm

Reaction summary and mechanism worksheet - I tried to present a blank reaction first (above) and then a complete arrow pushing mechanism just below that so that you could try and draw a mechanism and then check your answer. I do not have all of our reactions listed and I'm sure there are some errors (please point them out when you find them). Practice as many as you can. The more you try, the better you will get. Make sure to correct your mistakes.

Fall 315 Complex Tautomer Analysis, plus mechanisms (updated 11-20-2013)

Related acid reaction mechanism in acid (some in base too)

I will try and write out some template of the mechanisms over the weekend.

315 Midterm and Key for regrade option

315 Reactions quiz sheet

Chem 315 Reactions and Mechanisms (page #s in notes)

Organic Reactions Review (F 2013) Currently this is 19 pages of reactions that we have studied or will soon study. I will continue to add to this we learn more reactions (and I find more time to make the list).

One page RBr reactions - examples

Fall 315 thalidomide

Fall 315 SN/E topic key

Fall 2013 Topic 2 Overview of SN/E Chemistry

Chem 315 - mechanism practice templates (last updated 2-8-10)

Chem 315 - C&E News Article Key (carbocation rearrangement)

Chem 315 reactions study guide (nucleophiles, electrophiles, reaction possibilities)

314 & 315 Reactions Examples (11-29-2010)

Chem 315/316 Synthesis and C14 Strategies (version 1, at the end of 315, nucleophile

and electrophile strategies, 14C strategies and C1 - C7 RX patterns)

315 Reaction Worksheets (updated 1-21-08)

Chem 315 Organometallic Chemistry - a hodgepodge of various handouts, has some

useful ways of looking at these reactions and several schemes reviewing reactions

that we have studied that could help you study our reactions. Shows disconnection

strategies and some 14C strategies.

Organic Synthesis Strategies (version 2, posted 8-16-10)

Chem 315 C7 alcohol synthesis examples

Carbonyl (C=O) mechanism practice

Functional Group Reactions

Chem 315 reactions through Topic 11 (last updated 3-1-10)

314 - 315 Reactions summary without answers

314 -315 Reactions summary with answers (key to above)

Chem 315 Reactions Review Key

Chem 315 Reactions Worksheet - several sections with the reagents studied thus

far, the last 8 pages have many reactions to quiz yourself (answers on the last

page). This was very confusing to do so probably there are errors (let me know).

It's 41 pages long. Take a look, it might help you practice learning the reactions.

Chem 315 Lecture 26 from 314 (tosylates, ROH chem), (4-13-09)

Chem 315 - Reactions List (PDF File)

Chem 315 - Synthetic Reactions Worksheet (PDF File)

Chem 315 Synthesis Examples (PDF file)

Chem 315 Final Exam Cover Page

Fall 2013 Final Cover Page


Nomenclature Materials

Nomenclature Chapter (49 pages)

Chem 314, functional group quiz and key (PDF)

Nomenclature Flashcards

Simple Functional Group worksheet and special patterns to know

Programed Functional Group Nomenclature (and special patterns to know)

Exam Level Nomenclature Problems (with answers) 7 probs, first 2 were used in class

Nomenclature Summary and Examples (with answers)

Nomenclature Homework Problems & Answers (PDF)

314 Nomenclature Lecture Problems

Chem 314, Two page nomenclature summary (quizzes & key) (PDF)

Chem 315 nomenclature problem of the week 1



Organic Lab and Spectroscopy Materials

Chem 318 & 319 Syllabus for Spring 2015

Chem 318 lab schedule for Spring 2015

Chem 318 and 319 Spectroscopy Book to solve complicated organic structures

Chem 318 modified oxidation procedure (only 1 page posted of 10)

318 & 319 Proton Shift Calculations (simple problems)

Full Structure Guidelines and Worksheet

Full Structure Example Problem, harder

Full Structure Example Problem, easier

3 one page structure problems (MS,IR,H NMR,DEPT)

Chem 422 Course Info for Winter 2012

Chem 318, 319, 422 Lab Notebook Template Pages

IR, H NMR, C NMR & MS Data Tables for spectroscopy

318 NMR problem - easy

319 & 319 Spectroscopy Problem - typical

IR Material (Needed for 317L, 318L, 319L, 422L and 424L)

NMR Material (Needed for 318L, 319L, 422L and 424L)

MS Material (Needed for 319L, 422L, 424L)

Approach to Solve Complex Organic Structures, Seminar Slides



Chem 314 related material


Chem 314 Lecture Syllabus, Winter, 2015

Chem 314 List of Problems and Due Dates

Chem 314 Topic 1 Notes for Lectures 1 and 2

Chem 314 Topic 1 Key

Chem 314 last page key for topic 2

Chem 314 2D, 3D and Resonance Structures

Chem 314 Exam Cover Page (Winter 2015)

Chem 314 Regrade Options for Midterm Exam

Chem 314 Acid/Base Chemistry Notes

Chem 316 related material

316 Tautomer Lecture Problem

Nature's way to make aromatic rings using the Bio-Organic Game

316 Midterm Key and Blank Exam, W-2014

316 Regrade Option, W 2014

Chem 316 Syllabus (Winter 2014)

Lecture notes are available at Bronco Copy, You will also need the next two links.

Chem 316 Diels Alder, MO Notes

Chem 316 Bio-Organic Cytochrom P450 Oxidations (and other stuff)

Chem 316 Bio-Organic Game Reactions, Structures and Problems)

Chem 316 Bio-Org Game Additional Problems

Note - any information listed in Chem 314 and 315 is fair game for Chem 316

Reactions for entire course and synthetic strategies and detailed answers

Keto-Enol Tautomer Worksheet

Chem 316 Mechanism Schemes For Arrow Pushing Practice

316 Synthesis Possibilities

Chem 316 Enolate Worksheet

Chem 316 Simple Functional Group Transformations

Chem 316 420 RX patterns and C14 syn examples and strategies

Chem 316 Examples and Strategies for 14C synthesis problems

Chem 316 C-14 Information (not complete)

Chem 316 Aromatic Synthesis Examples

Chem 315 & 316 - Organic Reactions Study List (PDF File)

Chem 316 Midterm retake Key

Chem 316 Midterm retake for additional 3 homework credits

Chem 316 midterm key (W-O8) (1st part = blank exam, 2nd part = key)

Organometallic Worksheet (11-24-2010)

Chem 316 Aromatic Take Home Quiz and Key

Chem 315 Topics 11 & 12 mechanism templates (good mechanism practice)

Chem 315 Topics 11 & 12 mechanisms key (to above)

Chem 315 Lecture Syllabus, Winter 2012

Course Reactions Overview (3-2-2012)

Synthesis targets, available compounds and chemical catalog

Old Notes on SN/E Chemistry

Chem 315 - SN and E Worksheets

SN & E Chemistry, Fall 2011

Chem 314 SN/E Summary Slides

Chem 314 Bare Bones SN / E Notes

SN1, E1 and carbocation mechanisms worksheet

SN2 / E2 and SN1 / E1 templates & problems & worked example

Chem 315 SN / E supplement with synthesis problems (updated 4-27-09)

This file has expanded material on epoxides, carbonyls, alkyne reactions (zipper, etc.). Tautomers is already covered in detail in Chapter 11, pages (simpler, pp 16-23, more complex, pp 24-26).

314 SN2 & E2 Synthesis Reactions and Chemical Catalog

SN & E Practice Probs (mostly SN2/E2) and Some Answers (PDF)

SN1 & E1 practice mechanisms and Key (PDF)

SN and E Syntheses Key (PDF)


Chem 314 related material

SN and E Overview, 2013

SN / E reactions in synthesis (2013)

314 Midterm Cover Page, Spring 2013

Approximate Chem 314 Homework Schedule (minimum suggested problems)

Conformation Handout, open chains and cyclohexanes

314 Thermo Example Problems

2D & 3D key for problems used in 4-17-2013 lecture

Supplement 4 - 2D and 3D structures

Supplement 5 - resonance

Supplement 6 - 2D, 3D and resonance examples

314 Preface, Table of Contents, List of Problems

314 Lecture 4, key for 2D structure handout

Chem 314 Acid/Base, SN and E Practice (Templates and summary)

Chem 314 Stereochemistry Problems (samples from topics)

Chem 314 Conformations (Newman and Cyclohexanes)

Functional Group Examples to Know, Sample Quiz and Key

Supplement 1 - atomic orbitals, ionization potential, types of bonds

Supplement 2 - hybridization, molecular orbitals

Supplement 3 - heteroatom hybridization, formal charge

Supplement 6 - isomers and formulas

Supplement 7 - nomenclature 1 - alkanes

Supplement 8 - nomenclature 2 - alkenes, alkynes, simple functional groups

3D Resonance Examples (PDF)

Stereochem Key (PDF)

Chem 314 Conformational Energy Tables, Calculations & Key


Total Syntheses from the Literature

Chem 316 tetradotoxin synthesis prob & key

Chem 316 goniomitine synthesis key

Chem 316 (-) przewalskin B synthesis prob & key


Other courses, 422, 424, etc.

422L mCPBA Experiment Procedure


Chem 201

Chem 210 Final Exam Cover Page

Chem 201 Syllabus

201 Last Topic, Overview of organic electrophiles, RBr, C=O and epoxides

201 Extra Information - Bio-Organic Game

Post Midterm Grade Options

Chem 201 midterm cover page

201 4 Patterns of Resonance with 2D and 3D Structures (made 4-13-2014)

201 Drawing 2D and 3D structures

201 Drawing 2D and 3D and resonance structures

Chem 201 Reactions to know for Winter, 2013

Chem 201 Nomenclature Take Home Quiz

Chem 201 Nomenclature Take Home Quiz Key

Chem 201 'Common Nomen Terms' Take Home Quiz

Chem 201 'Common Nomen Terms' Take Home Quiz Key

201 Reaction Drills

201 Organic Reactions Worksheet

Nomenclature Problems to work in lecture

Conformations, Extra Problems

2D, 3D, Formal Charge, Resonance Worksheet / Examples

Nomenclature Special Terms (handout)

4 Sample Nomenclature Problems, with answers (medium)

No other supplemental material at the present time.