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Philip S. Beauchamp

Chemistry Department

California State Polytechnic University , Pomona

Pomona CA , 91768

Phone: 909-869-3659

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I have taught at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona since obtaining my Ph.D. in 1981. My duties include teaching two lectures and three laboratories each quarter. In addition to my teaching duties, I am in charge of maintaining, operating and training for our 300 MHz NMR (Mercury, Broad Band). I occasionally teach a course in Modern Methods of NMR. I have also served as Chair of the University-wide Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee, schedule coordinator for the Chemistry Department, Faculty Senator, vice-chair of the University Educational Policies committee, Chemistry Club Advisor, Science Council Advisor, serve on several departmental, college and university committees and am required to have five office hours per week. My research interests at Cal Poly have been focused on NMR analysis of natural products and the synthesis of strained hydrocarbons. I was promoted to associate professor in 1983 and full professor in 1988.


Grants and Awards

Cal Poly Travel Grant for NMR training course, 10/2000 - $1134.00 (Funded)

California Lottery Funds Proposal, NMR & AA Upgrade Funds 6/2000 - $99,000 (Funded)

Kellogg foundation Educational Grant to purchase molecular models, 2/2000 - $500 (Funded)

Faculty Mini-grant, NMR software, 1998 - $384 (Funded)

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Proposal 1/94 - $5,000 (Funded)

California Lottery Funds Proposal, NMR Matching Funds 8/89 - $75,000 (Funded)

NSF ILI Proposal (NMR Instrument), Submitted 11/88 - $75.000 (Funded)

NSF Microscale Workshop Proposal, Submitted with Dr. Ken Williamson, 10/88 - $63,000

(Not Funded, but workshop was successfully offered without NSF Funding)

Distinguished Speaker Proposal, 9/88 - $9,020 (Funded)

MicroSun Computer Proposal, 7/88, Co-P.I. - $35,000 (Funded)

NSF Summer Visiting Professor (UC Irvine with Professor Ken Shea), 1988

Kellogg foundation Educational Grant to purchase microscale kits, 1988 - $710 (Funded)

NSF Summer Visiting Professor (UC Irvine with Professor Ken Shea), 1986

PRF Starter Grant, 9/85 - $15,000 (Funded)

PRF Summer Visiting Professor ( University of New Mexico , Albuquerque with Professor Richard Holder), 1984

Cal Poly Foundation Seed Grant, 1982 - $600 (Funded)



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