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Matt's Run Volunteers Wanted

October 02, 2015

Matt's Run Registration Booth The Matt's Run Committee is currently looking for volunteers.  For more information please visit the Matt's Run website at:

Procedure on the Posting of Obituaries

March 04, 2015

Obituaries The Office of Public Affairs posts obituary news about faculty, staff and students to inform the campus community. The listing of sources for obituary news and the procedures for the posting of obituaries are intended to ensure accuracy and safeguard privacy. Faculty and Staff The Office of Public Affairs posts obituary news about faculty and staff to...

Electronic Marquees - Your Questions Answered

September 15, 2014

Electronic Marquees What’s the largest (in size) communication tool on campus that’s also free? If you guessed the electronic marquees, you’re right. The three marquees are one of the most popular communication and promotion vehicles. We’ll try to address the most frequent questions, using the five W’s and one...

Are Your Emails Accessible?

January 28, 2014

Did you know about 4 percent of the population needs Assistive Technology to access electronic documents? We often consider accessibility when developing web pages. However, if you use images or attachments in your emails, it’s important to ensure those elements are accessible. Images When you are including images into an email, use...

Guide to Mass Emails to Campus Groups

April 29, 2013

Mass emails to the campus are carefully moderated to protect the community from an overabundance of communications as well as protect our information technology systems. Some of the guiding concepts behind mass email usage are provided below. This service is separate from the bulk email batching service IT provides to those who work with large...

Key Communication Goals

March 26, 2013

The Office of Public Affairs uses the following communication goals to guide its efforts. Increase knowledge and support of the university Increase understanding of Cal Poly Pomona’s distinguishing hallmarks Increase pride and a sense of community We work toward these goals by sharing engaging content that highlight the university's...

We Are Closing Commenting

February 19, 2013

No Spam When we redeveloped our website in 2012, Public Affairs experimented with having comments open on the blog and web pages. As it turns out, unscrupulous companies have been exploiting commenting to improve their own search results. In the blog post “Welcome to Spam-a-lot” we expressed our surprise in the sheer quantity of bogus...

New Team Members

January 11, 2013

The Office of Public Affairs is proud to welcome two temporary hires who have proven themselves highly capable in a short amount of time. Emily Velasco, a former reporter from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, has stepped in to manage media relations and social media. She covers STEM, science, agriculture, business, environmental design and engineering for...

Before You Tweet, Know Your CHIRPS

November 20, 2012

twitter logo One of the toughest parts of developing a social media presence is ensuring your posts are appropriate for your department and the university. Here are some guidelines on posting effectively on social media. We suggest that before you tweet (or do any work on social media), you follow the acronym CHIRPS to ensure your messages are interesting, engaging,...

Setting Up a Social Media Site

October 23, 2012

Start Social In Public Affairs, we help manage the university’s online presence, including in social media. As social media becomes more popular and widely used, we’ve also helped other campus departments learn about using social media as well as set up their presence. In our conversations with campus groups, here a few of the top things to...

How #CPP1stday Became 'A Thing'

October 02, 2012

Welcome broncos Fun is a key element in social media. After all, people use Facebook and Twitter not just because it’s useful and provides information, but because it’s fun and engaging. #CPP1stday started as a fun way to generate and capture the excitement about the first day of classes. Public Affairs teamed with ASI in...

Welcome to Spam-a-lot

August 29, 2012

Spam When we launched a department blog in Public Affairs, we hoped to expand the conversation about communication-related issues on campus. We knew that would take some time but were optimistic an online dialogue could take place. It turns out that in just a few months, we have had 81 comments submitted to our site. Why haven’t you seen them? Sadly,...

Color Trends

August 21, 2012

As a graphic designer I am always looking for fresh and trendy color combinations to spice up my layouts. Color is a powerful communication tool and it definitely makes life exciting. Although everyone has their personal opinion about color (for me, I find inspiration in nature), color trends are part design, part societal. Color forecasters (yes, this...

Behind the Scenes with our Ninja Warrior

August 01, 2012

Derek Nakamoto Have you ever sat down to pick the brain of a real life ninja? Weird question, I know, but I got that opportunity when I was assigned my first story for PolyCentric during my internship at Public Affairs this summer. When you interview someone, you never know what type of personality you will get. The interviewee could be very reserved and...

Submit Marquee Requests Online

July 26, 2012

person in front of laptop computer We’re constantly trying to modernize this office. It can be a challenge given the difficult budget climate, but we know how important it is to stay current. Today we’re celebrating a small win — we’ve updated our Electronic Marquee Request Form to make it easier to access and use online....

Expanding Access to Campus Photographs

July 18, 2012

a computer monitor displaying the photo services website Have you ever seen a Cal Poly Pomona photo and wanted to hang it on your wall? Or were you featured in a snapshot you’d like to keep as a memento? Well, now we’ve made it easier. During commencement weekend, Public Affairs launched its Photo Services web site, which is hosted by Zenfolio. It’s a way for us to share...

What's Up Doc?

June 26, 2012

reporter typing With a campus of more than 20,000 people, it’s not hard to find interesting news stories to fill PolyCentric. Most of the time, people are happy to call or email us with tidbits. When summer arrives and the campus slows down, however, we have to make the rounds. We scan PolyUpdates, BroncoBytes and various newsletters, as well as scour the...

How Do You Get Informed?

June 13, 2012

be informed There is always a lot going on at Cal Poly Pomona, so it’s worth your while to make sure you stay informed about important news and events. If you’re new to campus, get to know these ways to stay up to date: Safety Alert System — Used only for emergency communication, it is an emergency messaging system that can...

Do You Get Nervous Working With Media?

June 01, 2012

Interview Tips In providing media relations consultation, occasionally we’ll meet with people who have an aversion to working with journalists. It’s natural to feel some nerves when you speak on the record. But we believe that working with the media benefits you, your department, and the university in many ways. Media coverage can provide public...

Hello World! The New Public Affairs Blog

May 30, 2012

blog Welcome to the Public Affairs blog. Please feel free to look through our posts. We plan to offer behind-the-scenes access to Public Affairs and the university through our posts. We’ll provide some tips and guidelines on topics that are frequently brought to our attention. We also hope this blog will be a venue to discuss current issues, such as...

Building a strong start on social media

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