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Adapted Physical Education

Master of Science in Kinesiology
Adapted Physical Education Emphasis
(new course numberings effective Fall 2015)

Core Requirements in Master of Science Program:

KIN 590 Research Methods 3

KIN 591 Research Design 3

KIN 695 Project (effective Fall 2008)
KIN 696 Thesis 9

Required Core Units: 15

Adapted Physical Education Emphasis Requirements:

KIN 401S/401SA Motor Assessment 4

KIN 406S/406SA PE for Phy. and Health Imp. 4

KIN 410S/410SA PE for Ind. W. Severe Dis. 4

KIN 570 Mang. of APE Programs 3

KIN 575S/575SA Motor Practicum 3

KIN 553 Curriculum Development 3

KIN 559 Instructional Strategies 3

Electives* (to be determined with advisor) 6

APE Emphasis Units: 30

Total Units for M.S. in KIN/APE: 45

Elective Units to be selected from the following:
KIN 405S/405SA Adapted Physical Education Fieldwork
KIN 555 Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in Physical Education
GED 504 Education of the Minority
GED 506 Child and Adolescent Development
GED 509 Education of Contemporary Youth
GED 546 School, Community, Home Relations
TED 530 Advance Study of Moderate and Severe Disabilities
TED 555 Assessment of Students with Disabilities

Download: Proposed APE Graduate Degree in Kinesiology   (PDF)