Bingo Card with Links to Issues for Women in Technology Link to Grace Hopper Celebration from the Anita Borg Institute Scientific American article on the benefit of diverse teams. Profiles of Women in Information Technology Time Magazin, "A Dramatic Reading of My YouTube Hate Comments"
, Jan 17, 2014.
Wikipedia article about imposter syndrome.
See Ruth Guthrie for why this say's Farting and has a link to 'Unlocking the Clubhouse'. where in 2015, no black people were nominated for Oscars and the nominating board is 96% white men.

Where is the Daddy Track? Statistics on Women in CS, CIS and MIS and the 2015 CIS class at CPP.
A poem about helping students when their computers have sexy screen images. USA percieves software development as male.  India does not and has 30% women programmers.  In Iran, the number of women graduates in CS is Kids hack their Dad's computer on her Rasberry Pi
LA Times, 'California now has one of the toughest equal pay laws in the country.' NY Times, What Really Keeps Women Out of Tech, 10/10/15. Wikipedia Article on Micro Agression Study of CIS Women and what helps and hinders them.
LA Times, Women at USC Video Game Design Grad Program TBD TBD