Amar Raheja, Ph.D.

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Department of Computer Science
College of Science
Room 8-10
California State Polytechnic University
3801 W. Temple Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
Phone: +1 909 869 4412
Fax:      +1 909 869 4733

Current Graduate Students

Andrew Clarck    Pocket Print tool for Orunmila

Canh Nguyen    Automated license plate recognition and number extraction

Andy Abou-Harb    Developing an intelligen decision support system using fuzzy logic for Eye-Hand Coordination Assessment/Therapy

Nicholas Taijeron   3D building model reconstruction using 2D blueprints

Alan Zhao    Using neural networks for predicting default rate on fixed mortgages

Brian Mills    SVMs for hand written number recognition

Sargis Panosyan   Automated seed uniformity and germiation detection

Ohanes Dadian   Using neural networks for controllers for UAVs

Chao Li     Automated seed germination detection and analysis software

Jose Godinez   Hybrid wavelet compression for multi-dimensional excitation-emmision fluorescence data

Razmik Gregorians   Image compression algorithm using modified run length coding


Current Undergraduate Students

Alex Guiterrez   Neural networks for hand written number recognition


Past Undergraduate Students

Nikunj Parikh and Cesar Davila  Application for the mobile platform

Joshua Scoggins   Developing mobile application using Objective-C

Anthony Mendez   FORCIT software on a FreeBSD machine

Alex Wood and Aaron Mckellar   Using QT to build the E.S.P. application for chemistry publication format generator

Salil Pandit and JinChao Chen   Tennis Ladder software using PHP and MySQL

Ohanes Dadian   Parallel computing on heterogenous systems

Jeremiah Jobs   Dictionary based word multi-platform game development using QT

Andie Cheung   Develop a QT tutorial for multi-platform GUI application development

Lesia Bilitchenko   Graphical User Interfae for 3D building floor plan visualization

Patrick Williams   Background subtraction for extraction of human body in images

Cheik Kone   Using 2D images for 3D model reconstruction

Arnold Florendo and Don Benson   Visualization software for the advanced 3-D locator device

Antony Lam   Neural networks comparitive analysis for fabric drape prediction


Graduate Student Alumni

Jin Kim    Neural Networks prediction of Active Protein Sites

Chang Kim    Automated extraction of seed characteristics for germination detection

Yuhan Zhang    Automated Human Body measurement extraction from Images using a digital camera

David Pio    WiiDAQ: Data Acquisition and the Wii Remote

Timothy Chan    RBF Neural Network to Detect Cheating on the Computerized CERAD Word List Memory Test

Zachary Ramjan    Develop an intutive multi-platform GUI for Cassandra

Swati Pande    Predicting protein catalytic sites using neural networks from sequence only data

Huan Doan    Reducing Shadow Map Aliasing in Large Environments Using a Reparameterization and Variance Approach

Yan Wu   Fast Global Illumination: Photon Mapping using On-Demand Estimate with Irradiance Map

Yuan Chen  Wavelet Lifting for Speckle Noise Reduction in Medical Ultrasound Images   Systems Analyst at Cal Poly

Antony Lam   Neural Network Models for Fabric Drape Prediction   Doctoral Student at UC Riverside

Hung-Wei Lin  3D Wavelet Compression of Medical Data   Employed at ITRI Taiwan.

Nishant Lambachiya *    Improved WSPR algorithm

Spondon Saha *    Simultaneous Task Allocation to Multi-Robot Coalitions

Wan Wan Ip *    Object-oriented database design for the use of protein structure visualization

Andrew Avilia *    ESHU: Analysis Tools for Orunmila Ligand-Protein Docking and Scoring system

Bao Ngo *    Identity Based Cryptosystem

Ashish Nanda *    Verification and Validation in Software Engineering/Database Systems

Gunwan Hartono *    Neural Network based Control of Robot

Michael Dang *    Visualization of Structures of Chemicals

Jeffery Faust *    Tracking Small Falling Objects in Video

Adrian Tinio *    Neural Network based Data Mining for Credit Card Fraud Detection

Kunal Gandhi *    A web service of interoperability of Reaction Retrieval Systems

Md. Mahmudur Rahmen *    Uniform and Autonomous Indexing of Multimedia Meta Data

Yi Yang *    Robust System for Gene Identification

Shawn Than *    Parallel Implementation Approach for Pairwise Alignment Algorithms

Yulan Luo*    Visualization of Multidimensional Database

Tjandra Afandi*    ALAN; A Learning-Oriented General Puprpose Algorithm Animation System

Piyawan Patcharaprasertsook *    Web-based Adaptive Authoring Tool using XML

Alex Cheng *    Modeling and Implementing of Temporal Relational Database

Anni Asadoorian*    Content-Based Image retrieval from Multimedia Database

Parmonangan Nainggolan*    XML-Based Intelligent Screen Monitor for GUI

Kim-Thi Nguyen*    Application of SOMs in Gene Clustering

Ashish Garg    Forecasting Women's Apparel Sales Using Mathematical Modeling    Doctoral Student at Philadelphia University


* indicates students whom I advised as a committee member and not as the primary thesis advisor.


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