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CSU Fully Online Courses: Cross-Campus Enrollment (CourseMatch)

Full-time students enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona have access to fully articulated online courses at other quarter CSU campuses through Online Concurrent Enrollment (CourseMatch).  CourseMatch courses have undergone an extensive review process through the CSU Office of the Chancellor.  These courses have been deemed effective based on the curriculum and student success rates. In addition, these courses carry a small number of guaranteed seats for visiting students.  This access is offered without students being required to be admitted formally to the other CSU campus, and sometimes without paying additional fees. Students should consult with their academic advisor to determine how such a course may apply to their degree program, prior to enrolling at another CSU campus.  Credit earned at the CSU campus offering the online course is automatically reported to your home campus and included on your transcript.

The enrollment process for CourseMatch is now fully automated.  You may enroll in the courses listed below through BroncoDirect (under your Student Center, click on "Enroll in CourseMatch").  For a comprehensive list of all CSU fully online courses, please go to:

Spring 2018 CourseMatch Offerings at other CSU campuses:

SP18 CourseMatch Other CSUs (Part I)

SP18 CourseMatch Other CSUs (Part II)

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Student has completed at least one quarter at Cal Poly Pomona as a matriculated student and earned at least 12 units.
  2. Student has attained a GPA of 2.0 in all work completed at Cal Poly Pomona and is in good standing.
  3. Student is enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona during the period of concurrent enrollment and has paid tuition fees as a full-time student.
  4. Enrollment is limited to another quarter CSU campus (East Bay, San Bernardino or San Luis Obispo).

Spring 2018 CourseMatch Offerings at Cal Poly Pomona:

Cal Poly Pomona is also hosting course offerings for students coming from other quarter CSU Campuses.  Students who want to enroll in the CourseMatch courses below can enroll through their home campus' student self-service portal.

Start Date

Enrollment Dates

Course ID


Course Title

Qtr. Units

CSU General Education Breadth Area*

March 26, 2018

February 24 - March 15

Sec 01 (30940)

BIO 110

Life Science


Area B2

March 26, 2018

February 24 - March 15

Sec 01 (32159)

EWS 301

Ethnic Identity


Upper-Division Area C

March 26, 2018

February 24 - March 15

Sec 01 (30248)

KIN 207

Personal Health


Area E
March 26, 2018 February 24 - March 15 Sec 04 (30272) KIN 370

Stress Management for Healthy Living


Upper-Division Area B or D
March 26, 2018 February 24 - March 15 Sec 01 (30297) KIN 441

School Health Education


*The CSU General Education Breadth Area number (e.g. Area B2) may not be the same as the number pertaining to the general education requirements at your home campus.  Please consult your academic advisor with specific questions regarding meeting the GE requirements, major requirements, and/or graduation requirements at your home campus.

Have any questions?  Email Cynthia Chatfield at and include CourseMatch in the subject line or call (909) 869-2101.  Be sure to specify whether you are a Cal Poly Pomona student, or a student transferring from another quarter CSU campus.  More details at