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Cal Poly Pomona students can register for classes using the online registration system via BroncoDirect.

Current Students

Schedule of Registration Appointments for Current Students

Enrollment appointments are assigned based on the number of units that students have completed. Continuing students are eligible to register for classes during General Registration as are returning students from an approved Leave of Absence.

Registration appointments are assigned approximately one week prior to registration for the next term (subject to change when the University converts to a semester calendar).  Appointments may be viewed online in the Student Center in Bronco Direct.  Unit limitations apply to each of the registration periods.  These unit limits include only enrolled units. Waitlisted units are not included in the unit limit. Students may waitlist up to a maximum of 9 units. For detailed information about "Waitlisting" please click here.

The chart below shows the first day of the registration appointment provided to each of the class levels. For more information on your class level, see the section under Class Levels below.

Note: Applicants for graduation that are within 20 units of degree completion will receive an earlier appointment than other students.


Summer 2018


Level Class         

Priority Registration Period

Unit Limit


April 16, 2018 - April 17, 2018

16 enrolled units

Level Class

General Registration - All Sessions

Unit Limit

Masters/Credentials April 18, 2018  16 enrolled units
Graduating Seniors April 18, 2018  20 enrolled units
Seniors April 18, 2018  16 enrolled units
Juniors April 19, 2018 
Sophmores April 20, 2018 
Freshmen April 20, 2018 

Level Class

General Registration Continues

Unit Limit

Masters/Credentials April 21, 2018 - May 23, 2018 16 enrolled units
Graduating Seniors
All Others

Level Class

Add / Drop Period

Unit Limit

Masters/Credentials June 1, 2018 - June 22, 2018 20 enrolled units
Graduating Seniors
All Others


Class Level

Class Standing                                   

Units Earned (Does Not Include In-Progress Units)
Graduate and Credential Students N/A
Graduating Seniors Students who have 20 units or less to complete
to earn their undergraduate degrees AND have applied for graduation
Seniors 135 units and above
Juniors between 90 and 134 units
Sophomores between 45 and 89 units
Freshmen between 0 and 44 units

Unit Limit Breakdown by Majors

Undergraduate Majors requiring 180-190 units to degree completion - 17 units



 Management and Human

 Ag Science

 Finance, Real Estate, and Law


 Animal Health Science

 Food Marketing and Agribusiness

 Marketing Management 

 Animal Science

 Food Science and Technology 



 Foods and Nutrition

 Music (Music Education = 181)

 Apparel Merchandising

 Gender, Ethnicity, and Multicultural


 and Management






 Plant Science



 Political Science


 Graphic Design






 Hospitality Management


 Computer Information Systems

 International Business

 Technology and Operations

 Computer Science





 Liberal Studies

 Urban and Regional Planning






Undergraduate Majors requiring more than 190 units to degree completion - 18 units

 Aerospace Engineering (198)

 Electronics and Computer

 Landscape Architecture (191)

 Architecture (246)


 Engineering Technology (198)

 Liberal Studies Blended

 Chemical Engineering (198)

 Engineering Technology (198)


 BA/ Credential (198)

 Civil Engineering (198)

 GEMS Blended BA/Credential (210)

 Bilingual BA/ Credential (198)

 Computer Engineering (198)

 GEMS Blended Bilingual


 Manufacturing Engineering (198)

 Construction Engineering


 BA/Credential (210)

 Mechanical Engineering (198)


 Technology (198)

 Industrial Engineering (198)

  Electrical Engineering (198)

Incoming Undergraduate Students

New freshman and transfer students will be able to register for their first term of classes at the orientation session that they attend. Students will be able to access BroncoDirect, Cal Poly Pomona’s online registration system, at designated periods during their orientation session. To ensure a trouble-free registration, new students are advised to submit documents required by the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning as early as possible before their scheduled orientation session.

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Incoming Graduate Students

Schedule of Registration Appointments for Incoming Graduate & Credential Students
Fall 2017 Registration Appointments
Admitted By                      Date of Registration Appointment
June 28

July 6 - 16

June 30  – July 28

August 10 – August 20

July 29 – August 9

August 17 – August 27

August 10 and after

Add/Drop: Sept. 13 – 27

Winter 2018 Registration Appointments
Admitted By                      Date of Registration Appointment
November 15

November 23 - December 10

November 16-December 6

December 11 - 18

December 7 and after

Add/Drop: December 15 - January 8

 Spring 2018 Registration Appointments
Admitted By                      Date of Registration Appointment
February 8

February 21 - March 11

February 10 - 28 March 8 - 18
March 2 and after

Add/Drop: March 30 - April 2

For questions related to your admission to the University, please contact the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning.

Additional Information

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