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Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC)


7 July '17: After 12 years of administering the ACUC for Cal Poly Pomona, Bruce W. Kennedy retired as of this day.  1000s of CITI transcripts received, several 100 protocols reviewed, 100s of presentations given.  He wished the best for PIs and others - especially students who found this an interest - conducting research with animals according to the 3Rs and, at times, complicated regulations.

7 July 2016 - There is an updated version of the ACUC Protocol Application. It is dated July 5, 2016. Please make sure to use this version for your future submissions. 

23 Feb 2016 - The ACUC has included the newest CITI training module "Working with Sheep & Goats in Research Settings" to the CPP subscription. It complements other recent additions including reptiles and horses.

21 Oct 2015 - "The Working with Cattle in Agricultural Research Settings" is now available in the large animal group of modules for CPP training.  The course provides an introduction to cattle anatomy, basic veterinary care, and research mandates associated with working with cattle as guided by the Animal Welfare Act Regulations (AWAR) and Public Health Service (PHS) Policy.  It was reviewed by CPP Professor Broc Sandelin and complements our AG/AVS program.  To access it, log in to CITI and choose the following:CITI add course tool

11 Aug 2015 - This notice announces a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). NIH and NSF operate under a MOU to ensure consistent and effective oversight of the welfare of animals used in activities funded by the NSF. The agreement provides a framework to enhance communication and harmonize the agencies' efforts while reducing regulatory burden to supported institutions. The MOU is posted on the NIH website. Federal Register, 8/10.